11 Powerful Bodybuilding Programs For Muscular Shape

There are so many bodybuilding programs right now to load some muscles in your body. It totally depends on the person’s preference that what type of body he wants.

These programs vary from different exercises and they performed on a weekly basis on each body part. Each body part is set hit every week with a different type of exercises.

Compound exercises are extremely beneficial for teenagers looking for weight as they hit different body parts at the same time. 

The progressive overload is highly recommended by professionals if you are looking to put some stress on your body.

Best Bodybuilding Programs of 2020

Below mention are some extremely useful and certified bodybuilding programs that you can pursue to gain some weight in a span of months or two:

1. German Volume Training (GVT)

This bodybuilding program was designed by a professional known as Charles Poliquin. It totally developed to stress your muscles to an extreme extent with increased volume of 10 sets and 10 reps in each set. 

It is a 4-week program designed to work 5 days a week having two rest days. This program was created to give the shock to the body. It is expected to have at least 5 lbs. of weight gain within 6 weeks.

Many suggest that this program can help us gain up to 10 lbs. if done with perfect nutrition. This program can’t be done on a monthly basis.

Charles suggests that doing this twice a year would be really beneficial for your body weight gain. 

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2. Boring But Big (BBB) Program

If you are looking to add some weight and strength to your body muscle then this bodybuilding program is the best choice for you. 

This program works great for a beginner as well as intermediates that are looking to add up some lean muscle around their body. It is a 4 day split with a 3-day rest in weekly routine to gain some lean muscles.

The program is known as BBB, it is tried by several certified professionals and they totally recommend it for the people who are looking to add some weight and muscle mass in their body. 

The bodybuilding program is performed in 4 training days each week. The person has to do four compound exercises i.e. squats, bench press, overhead press and deadlifts. 

There are 3 sets of each exercise on their respective days. The reps in the first set will be 5, then 3 and then 1 respectively. 

The weight can be increased by every four weeks because progressive overload is always a better choice for muscle mass gainers. 

In the end, the total number of seats will be 5 with sets of ten reps. High volume sets are great in breaking down your muscle fiber and indulging them in the growth process. 

This exercise seems easy at the start yet becomes brutal after some span of time. So take good care of your diet and carbohydrates your will be taking in this program.

 If managed properly this exercise has provided great results over the year and remained favorite among well-known professionals.

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3. Lee Hayward 12 Week Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Lee Hayward 12 week cycle is split into 3 cycles for four weeks. Each cycle is based on adding volume to sets before switching the exercises for the next cycle.

Every week there are 4 training days and 3 rest days to give muscles some rest. You can easily split them as Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as the training days and remaining other as the rest days.

Lee designed this program very professionally and he advised to add some weight every time when you do the same exercise next week.

He advised working on compound exercises such as squat variation, bench press variation and deadlift variation.

Lee Hayward didn’t prescribe any weight yet he insisted on progressive overload.

He suggested training heavier without any failure between sets because according to him it’s totally a mind connection.

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4. Joe Delaney Ibiza Shreds 6 Day Upper/Lower Split Workout Routine

Joe Delaney’s program is a 6 days upper and lower body split with one day rest each week. The workout routine is totally focused on hypertrophy and muscles building.

This bodybuilding workout is of 10 weeks in total, each week is set up as two days of upper body training, two days of lower and two days of isolation and abs training day.

Joe Delaney is a great professional and always ready to help. If you are looking to learn from him then check on his personal website to get some personal training or check on his Instagram or YouTube channel to get a brief insight regarding this program.

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5. 5 Day Body Part Split Workout (4 Week Mesocycle)

This program is 5 days split with two days of break each week. The program revolves around muscle hypertrophy.

It is not based on building strength or lifting to much weight which may lead you to failure. It is based on MAV, maximum adaptive volume in which you have to perform the exact number of recommended sets to perform each week.

This bodybuilding program is designed to complete each mesocycle every four weeks so that you move forward to another mesocycle. Every week has different exercises with a different number of sets to perform.

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Each exercise has to be completed in a certain way so that the desired body is achieved. Before starting this program you have to understand the importance of training volume works.

This bodybuilding workout is not for beginners because you need to have some know-how for each exercise so that you may perform it correctly and doesn’t come across any potential injury.

First, get comfortable with all the types of equipment in the gym and do some basic exercises to get your bodywork and then start this program to get the best results in the span of 16 weeks after the completion of four mesocycles.

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6. Frank Zane Workout Routine

Frank Zane’s workout routine is a great program to pack some lean muscles and get shredded at the same time.

Frank Zane is one of the top professionals of all time. He has won three times Mr Olympia and three times Mr Universe, so can’t have any single regarding his workout routine.

His workout routine consists of very high volume training which leads to the excessive muscle break down. And having good nutrients force them to grow better for the next season.

This bodybuilding program consists of exercising 3-day body part splits. This routine is highly effective for intermediate or professionals who are looking to get the best shapes that they ever dreamed of.

7. Dexter Jackson Workout Routine

Dexter Jackson bodybuilding program is four days split which is focused on body hypertrophy.

The program is based on three to four sets per exercise; each training season consists of 7 to 8 exercises hitting each different part of the muscle.

It suggests increasing weight after each set of exercise. To have to go higher for better muscle development for example if you perform one set of reps of bench press with 100 lbs. on it then next time try to get heavier with at least 8 to 10 reps with weight over 100 lbs.

All sets should be performed with a heavier weight with the same amount of reps to get the best results. The program suggests that if the next exercise can be performed on the same weight then you have to try to perform it.

This bodybuilding program also recommends adding some supersets which mean you can’t take any rest in between the two exercises and should be performed without any break.

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8. Arnold Schwarzenegger Golden Six Workout Program

Arnold Schwarzenegger created a bodybuilding program known as golden six. This program was based on muscle mass building.

One of the most plus points of this bodybuilding program is that it is for an indefinite time. The exercises are to be performed 3 days a week.

Arnold used this routine when he started bodybuilding so it is highly effective for the starters. Many professionals consider it as beginners programmers yet it can be performed at any stage if you are looking to have some muscles gains.

The professionals think that the programs lack in exercise variation. The program suggests performing some compound exercises, performing at least 4 sets and 10 reps in it.

You can customise your program for 3 days a week training and rest in between for four days. This program will surely help you improve your body if you are a beginner and some extra muscle to show off.

Arnold is extremely well-known professionals who have many achievements on several occasions as his work is always considered best among bodybuilders. You can easily look for a brief review of Arnold golden six on YouTube and Instagram.

9. Lyle McDonald’s Generic Bulking Routine

Lyle MacDonald’s bodybuilding program helps you with a lot of flexibility in the program. This program is not for you if you can’t make decisions on your own.

This Lyle McDonald’s bulking routine is an opportunity to know about your training. It is for you to know about your training.

All of the information was combined from posts on Lyle’s forum which were gathered by good folks at JCD fitness. They provided pdf files from which I gathered information given below

Set and Rep ranges:

Almost all of the exercises have sets and reps that are given in ranges. For example, you will do two to three sets of squats with ten reps each.

Different recommended sets and their ranges to work on in this routine:

  • 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps (150 seconds rest between sets)
  • 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps (120 seconds rest between sets)
  • 1-2 sets of 12-15 reps (90 seconds rest between sets)

10. 10 Week Glute Hypertrophy Workout Program

The glute hypertrophy bodybuilding program is to basically strengthen the size of glute muscles.

It is designed by Brendan Tietz and involves the use heavy compound movements and target accessory movements to the strength your full body not just glutes.

Program Overview:

The glute hypertrophy bodybuilding program is done on 4 training a week each day you mainly focus on different exercise to achieve a different goal.

  • -For day 1, there is lower body overload
  • -For day 2, there is upper body overload
  • -For day 3, there is higher volume lower body hypertrophy
  • -For day 4, there is upper body hypertrophy

Both the hypertrophy and overload exercises are mainly focused on strengthening the glutes some exercises are given below: squats, lunges, cable kickbacks, paused goblet squats, hip thrusts, deadlifts etc.

Each week you will be doing twice squatting, twice deadlifting, twice overhead pressing. In this program, there are many types of lifts conventional deadlifts, sumo deadlifts, the Romanian deadlift and others.

All programs are based on a percentage of 1 Rm for the big three lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press) as well as using RIR auto regulation method. If you want to know more about it, it is described below:

bodybuilding program

Program Tips:

The days you want to train in the week you will decide. The days you want to decide should be in order. There should be no gap between the days. You can start the training any day you want but keep in mind don’t take a day off until the training is finished.

While you start training you will see something that you never saw before. Some of them are defined below:

S.S: This is known as a superset. You take no rest between while you are doing superset it is doing exercise back to back. You can always rest before starting next superset.

AMWAP: as much weight as possible. This is basically known as lift the weight as much as you can

AMRAP: as many reps as possible. This knows as doing reps that you can do most without taking rest.

RIR: reps in reserve in this you can leave some reps in reserve that you will complete in the end.

So if there is an exercise in which you have to do ( 3 sets of 10 RIR ) you will choose a weight that you can lift easily you have to do 12 reps however you can do 10 reps and leave two in reserve.

The easiest way to figure RIR is to work in how many reps you want to do. If your exercise calls for “3 sets of 8 @ 2 RIR” warm up with a lightweight doing a set of 8.

Keep adding weight until you find a very heavyweight that you can’t lift you have to complete you remaining two reps from that weight. This will count as 1 set. Continue with that weight or change the weight as you want.

11. Jeff Seid Workout Routine

Hypertrophy and bodybuilding aesthetics-focused program that is done in a routine of 5 or 6 days is known as Jeff Seid workout routine.

The routine is highly effecting for most muscles group once per week. It has an optional 6 day in which you can work on any other muscle that you think it needs some extra attention.

Progression And Weight Add-on

The spreadsheet given below tracks the volume of each exercise per week. By this, it becomes very easy to track your exercise over time, which you should gradually aim to increase the exercise.

It is always helpful to track your exercise so you can increase it easily.

By that said, there is no set progress for this program you cannot increase weight each week or you will be overtrained you have to increase weight yourself based on how much weights on the sets feel.

So for example: if your sets of inclined bench press from week one are:

  • –Set 1: 100 x 10 reps
  • –Set 2: 110 x 8 reps
  • –Set 3: 110 x 8 reps
  • –Set 4: 125 x 6 reps

Final Word

Bodybuilding program is the best choice to gain a muscular shape. But to pack on muscles, you have to work hard and with 100% commitment.

Always remember when you are in the bodybuilding program, do not try to increase weight because you have to grow and strengthen muscles. Check you are doing reps correctly.

While bodybuilding there should always be a connection between your mind and muscles while doing reps.