13 Proven Ways To Lose Weight Safely

There are a lot of people who want to know the best ways to lose weight easily and naturally. Many websites and advertisement companies give false information to people for increasing the sale of their weight loss drugs and diets. In fact, they only want to promote their products.

A study was done in 2014 and according to this majority of the people who want to lose weight will get false information from many websites and companies. Sometimes eating a fad diet and excessive workout will cause many difficulties for people because they reduce the nutrition level in the body.

Center For Disease Control And Prevention” declared 1-2 pounds of weight loss in a week is safe. But if someone loses more weight than this by eating fad diet and heavy workout in a week they have a high risk of gaining this weight again. You can also lose weight without dieting as well without harming your health.

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Science Backed Ways to Lose Weight

According to research-based knowledge, there are many ways to lose weight. Some of these methods are:

1. Eat Healthy Snacks

Everyone wants to eat the best suitable food which helps them to prevent eating prepackaged items such as snacks and chocolates. According to research, the people who eat unhealthy or unnatural food will face many difficulties in reducing weight.

Eating healthy and nutritious snacks during your mealtimes is one the best ways to lose weight. Also, you will achieve your nutrition desire and consume less sugar and salt. You can choose these snacks:

  • Natural nuts without any sugar or salt
  • Fresh fruits
  • Sliced vegetables
  • Low calories yogurt
  • Seaweed
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2. Avoid Processed Foods

Try to reduce eating processed food because they have fewer nutrients and are rich in sodium, fat, calories, and sugars than pure food. Research shows that processed foods are very addictive and a person will like eating it than pure food, this will also cause people to overeat due to which their weight also increases.

3. Take Protein-Rich Foods

A protein-rich food is very beneficial for losing weight. According to several types of research a protein-rich food is considered as the best diet for treating obesity and losing weight easily. If you eat the protein-rich meal and contain 25-30 grams of protein you will feel sated for a long time.

This meal will reduce your hunger, maintain your body weight, and help to reduce the risk for many health issues including heart problems. Eggs, chicken, low-fat meat, and beans are the best choice for a person who wants to eat protein-rich foods. The following are the protein-rich foods that have low cholesterol.

  • Fish
  • All the beans and peas
  • White meat
  • Low calories cheese
  • Tofu
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4. Avoid Sugar Consumption

Keeping away sugar completely is not so easy but the first step to removing sugar is to reduce using processed food. A study by “National Cancer Institute” shows that more than 19 teaspoons added sugar is consumed by males who have age more than 19 years per day and the same age females consume 14 teaspoons of sugar per day.

The sugar we consume is mostly in the form of fructose which turns in fat after the breakdown by the liver. When fructose is converted in to fat it is discharged into the blood which will cause an increase of weight.

5. Take Coffee

If a person doesn’t add sugar and fat in coffee then it may have benefits on the health of a person. A writer of a review article wrote that the metabolic activities of carbohydrates and fats are improved by drinking coffee. In this review article, it is also noted that drinking coffee will also decrease the risk of liver disease and diabetes.

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6. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is very significant for life and a person can drink it many times in a day. There are a lot of health benefits of water and it has no calories. Water increases the metabolic activities in the body, and a person will have to drink it many times in a day.

If you drink water before eating food this will help you eat less. So if a person drinks water instead of any sweetened drink, this may decrease the number of calories consumed by a person in a day.

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7. Quitting Sweetened beverages

You may notice that a person who drinks more sodas, fruit juices, and other energy drinks will have high weight because these drinks contain a high amount of sugar which causes them to increase weight and it became very difficult for them to lose weight.

Many other drinks contain high calories such as alcohol, coffees, especially lattes because they contain excessive amounts of sugar and milk. If a person wants to lose weight then he will have to substitute these high calories beverages with water. You can drink sparkling water or herbal tea instead of these beverages.

8. Don’t Consume Refined Carbohydrates

According to “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” refined carbohydrates will have more effect than saturated fats on metabolic activities. When sugar is released from refined carbohydrates the liver will breakdown this sugar and converts into fat and then releases it in the blood.

So if you want to lose weight so will have to eat pure grains instead of these refined carbohydrates.

Following are the foods which include refined carbohydrates:

  • White rice
  • Chocolates and toffees
  • Cereal of many kinds
  • White bread
  • Added sugars
  • Pasta

There are also pure grains of rice, bread and pasta present which are very helpful for decreasing weight and also protect from many diseases.

9. Alternate Fasting

If you don’t eat for a short interval of the day then this will be helpful for you to lose weight. Research in 2015 shows that alternate fasting is very beneficial for weight loss and maintaining weight.

Fasting is not suggested for everyone because it will be dangerous for children, older people, pregnant women, and other people who are facing some kind of disease. So fasting is not possible for all.

10. Counting Calories And Make A Diet Plan

You will have to count calories while eating so that you will not eat too much. If you count the calories then it will be helpful for you to eat according to your diet plan. By counting calories, you can avoid eating unnecessary food and choose a more nutritious diet.

If you want to make a diet plan by counting the calories which you consume you will have to go through a food journal for help. By counting calories and choosing the best food a person will fulfill its nutrients requirement.

11. Brushing Teeth Is Essential

When you brush teeth it will help you to avoid eating snacks between mealtimes. The person who is very tempted to eat snacks at night will brush his teeth after dinner and he will not feel tempted and don’t eat unhealthy snacks.

12. Eating Fruits And Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are very beneficial for weight loss and they should be a part of your diet if you want to lose weight. According to the writers of systematic review when a person includes fruit and vegetables in his diet he will not gain weight. They stated that there will be no need to reduce eating other foods when you are eating fruits and vegetables and you will not gain weight.

13. Reducing Carbohydrate Consumption

Fewer carbohydrates food is one of the best ways to lose weight because it will reduce the consumption of extra sugar. Less carbohydrate food is helpful for weight loss because it contains good fats, fiber, proteins and consumes all the carbohydrates.

These carbohydrates will stay for a long time and will help to reduce overeating. A study proposes that control refined carbohydrates also helps in reducing bad cholesterol in the body and improve metabolism.

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