5 Best Knee Strengthening Exercises To Get Rid Of Knee Pain

The knee is the most important joint of the body because it lifts a large weight of the body. Knee joints are very important for walking, running, climbing, and jumping.

A person will have more chances of knee injuries than other body parts because the knees are a significant part of the body. Every doctor suggests clients do exercise for reinforcing the muscles surrounding the knees for making knee stronger.

Anyone can face knee problems because knees have more chances to get affected and there will be no age limit for knee problems. Many athletes face patellofemoral pain syndrome which is a very common knee problem. People having arthritis also have heavy knee pain.

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Benefits of Knee Strengthening Exercises

The tough and flexible muscles are very important for keeping the knees strong and also reduce the chances of injuries. And according to the Arthritis Foundation, exercise is the best thing for making muscles flexible and strong and also helpful for treating knee pain effectively.

If you start strength exercising then these exercises will not improve the strength of knee joints but work for improving the toughness and flexibility of muscles around knee joints.

Knees will get stronger because the surrounding muscles provide support to them. Strong muscles will reduce the pressure on knees and reduce pain. A person will feel more active after these exercises.

Strength or Intensity Exercises are not the best choice when the knee is painful because it may increase the knee pain so it’s better to avoid exercise until the pain decrease. There are varieties of exercises that are showing good results for decreasing old knee pain effectively. You may choose the best exercise for making knee strong and painless.

5 Best Knee Strengthening Exercises

Some of the most effective exercises for knee strengthening are stated below. As we stated earlier a person will have not to exercise if his knees are painful while exercising and he should have to discuss this problem with the physician. Discussing with a physician is very important before starting knee strengthening exercises otherwise these exercises may have adverse effects rather than relief.

1. Leg Lifts

Leg lift exercise involves the quadriceps and abdominal muscles. 

For leg lift exercise you have a lay flat on the floor. You may use any soft mat for your comfort.

After laying flat keep the one leg flat and stretch the other leg close to the body by bending the knee.

Take a deep breath inside to pull the belly button downward. This will reduce the area between your back and the surface. The more closely your body to the floor will be more effective for muscle strengthening. Push your lower back downward slightly for reducing the space between the back and floor.

Don’t bend the straight leg knee and lift it upward. Try to keep your foot straight so that your toes face the ceiling and lift the leg for at least 10-12 inches. Don’t lift the leg higher than the bent leg.

Keep the leg lifted for at least five seconds and then lower the leg gently to the floor. Don’t drop the leg rapidly to the surface. Repeat this step with the same leg 3 times and then change the leg and repeat the same steps.


  • Don’t let any space between the floor and your back.
  • Don’t lift and drop the leg quickly and also don’t lift the leg higher than the bended knee.
  • People having osteoporosis or back fracture avoid this exercise.

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2. Standing Hamstring Curls

Hamstring and gluteal muscles are involved in standing hamstring curls exercise.

For this exercise, a person will have to stand straight first with little distance between knees. A person can hold a chair or any other thing for stability.

Don’t move the thighs and bend the knee of one leg behind the body by lifting the foot to the surface. Keep bending the knee until it became perpendicular to the body at 90 degrees. Slightly bend the other leg to keep it safe from locking.

Bend the knee slowly for at least five seconds and also lower it to the surface slowly to avoid any shock. Bend the same knee 3 times and repeat the same steps with the second leg.


  • Don’t bend the foot while bending the leg and keep it straight to the leg.

3. Hamstring Curls

This exercise also includes the hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

It is a type of standing hamstring curl and built for the person that has easy access to a weight bench. This exercise depends on the weight that is person lifting and has more effective and fast results than the standing hamstring curl.

Lie down on the bench by keeping your face toward the floor and keep the knees close to each other. You can hold the handle for balance.

Put your feet below the weight. Don’t put the weight higher than the heels.

Fit the weight according to your strength and bend the knees by using the power of your legs. Keep bending the knees until bent them at 90 degrees. Try to keep your knees bent for 5 seconds and then lower your legs smoothly. Repeat this step for at least 15 times.


Don’t try to lift the weight more than your strength. Always start by lifting light weigh and increasing the weight gradually.

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4. Step Exercises

Quadriceps, gluteal, hip, and hamstring muscles are involved in step exercise.

In this exercise, you need a strong bench not higher more than 6 inches.

Stand on the bench on the right foot and keep the left foot hanging in the air. Keep full force on the right leg which is on the bench. Pull the left foot upward for at least five seconds and then slowly release your leg without any shock. Change your leg and repeat the same step with the right leg. Repeat these steps for 2-3 times.


  • Keep band in your leg otherwise, your knees will be locked.
  • Don’t pull the foot on the bench upward while pulling the hanging foot.
  • This exercise is only for those that can balance their weight on one leg.

5. Chair Dips

Chair dips exercise also involves all the quadriceps, hip, gluteal and hamstring muscles.

For chair dips exercise you need a chair and place that chair behind your body. You can hold the chair by bending your hand at the back for balance.

After holding the chairs bend your leg slowly.  Stretch one leg by focusing the balance on the second leg and stay in that position for 5 seconds.  Repeat the same steps with both legs for 2-3 times.


  • Don’t bend the leg more than 45 degrees.
  • Keep your backbone straight and don’t bend at the backward whole pulling the leg upward.

Wall squats are best for strengthening the quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

For wall squats, you have to stand parallel to the end by touching for head, shoulders, and hip to the wall.

Keep your feet far from the leg for at least 20- 24 inches while your shoulders are touching the wall. Keep the gap between knees sh0rter not more than your hip. After setting the position you have to sit down slowly by sliding your back downward. Stay in sitting position for at least 5 seconds and repeat and the stand up slowly. Repeat this step for 15 times.


  • Don’t bend the leg too much or dint sits to the floor.
  • Don’t stand or sit quickly and keep exercising slowly.

Why Are Exercises for Knee Pain Important? 

Knees are a very important part of the body and any injury to them will have a great impact on all the body. Knee pain is very common all over the United States and one out of three doctors is qualified for muscles and bone problems.

Exercise is the most effective and easy way to reduce the muscle and knee pain and also strengthen muscles and knee to keep them active. If you want to reduce the chances of knee pain then work for the strengthening and flexibility of muscles around the knees.

Strong muscles will reduce the chance of knee injury. Strong muscles also have many other advantages which include:

  • Keep the bones strong.
  • Reinforce stability.
  • Make it easy to manage the weight.
  • Keep a person active all the time.
  • Help to sleep well at night.

These advantages of muscle strengthening are describing the importance of muscles and knee strengthening exercises.

Final Word

Don’t try to start from hard knee strengthening exercises and first warm up your body before heavy exercises. Walking and cycling are very good for warming the body because they have very little pressure on knee joints. Exercises will increase the blood flow in the body and make muscles more stretchy and flexible.

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