8 Best Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

If you want to lose weight without dieting then you can eat different fad foods which will reduce your weight quickly. But this food also increases your appetite so it’s not a good option because the weight will increase after leaving this diet.

There are 3500 calories present in 1 pound of fat. And if you burn 500 calories in a day by changing your diet and exercise, you can decrease 1 pound of weight in a week. And if you burn 100 calories in a day then it will be a sufficient amount to maintain your present weight and you will not gain 1-2 pounds extra in a year.

Proven Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

If you want to lose weight without dieting permanently then you will have to lose it slowly. Many experts say that you can lose weight with some changes in your lifestyle rather than dieting. If you don’t want to diet then you can follow these simple and effortless approaches to lose your weight.

Don’t Skip Your Breakfast

Eating breakfast every day is the most common habit of people who lose their weight. Breakfast is very important for weight loss. A famous author Elizabeth ward wrote in her book “The pocket Idiot’s Guide to the New Food Pyramid” that people who think that they will lose weight by skipping breakfast they will intake more calories by eating more in a day.

Do not skip breakfast

Research shows that the people who eat breakfast every day are more active and perform better than those who skip breakfast, and also have less BMI. Eat a bowl of grain garnished with fresh fruits or dairy products which have less fat in your breakfast. This will fulfill your nutrient requirement.

Don’t Drink High Calories Liquids

Drink water, citrus juice, skimmed or low-fat milk, or pure fruit juice to satisfy your thirst and don’t drink any sweet beverage because they have very high calories and not satisfy your hunger like any solid diet. If you feel hungry between your mealtimes you will drink a glass of vegetable juice which is highly nutritious and have fewer calories than any sweetened drink.


Alcohol has very high calories and it increases your weight rapidly. If you are an alcoholic and drink 1 or 2 glass of wine or cocktail regularly so try to prevent drinking only at weekends. This will be a good way to prevent calories to increase.

Stop Eating at Night

You will have to change your habit and stop eating unhealthy food and drinks at night. You will have to fix a time of eating and adapt a habit to stop eating processed snacks at night.

Stop night eating to lose weight without dieting

Elaine Magee is a “Recipe Doctor” and author of “Comfort Food Makeovers” proposed that if you wish to eat sweet after dinner then you can eat candy, ice cream or a small cup of frozen yogurt or take a cup of tea but after this, you have to brush your teeth so that you will not eat or drink at midnight.

Eat Fruits & Vegetables

Try to eat fewer calories and highly nutritious fruits and vegetables and reduce other unhealthy and junk foods that have high calories and fat. Vegetables are a good source of nutrition and have fewer calories so reduce eating meet. The author of the “Volumetric Eating Plan” suggests including vegetable salad, broth-based soup, or Barbara rolls in your diet.

lose weight without dieting by eating fruits

In 2005, Dietary Guidelines of the US government proposed that an adult consume 7-13 cups of products in a day. You will have to stock a large number of fruits and vegetables in your kitchen and include them in your regular diet. Including fruit and vegetables in your diet will make your food rich in vitamin, fiber, mineral, and highly nutritious and you will not need any unhealthy snacks or cookies.

Choose Purified Grains

Try to substitute your grain foods with purified grains which include wheat bread, cookie, and pretzels. By replacing pure grains you will get more fiber and you will eat a large percentage of food. Try to include the refined grain products in your diet just like wheat bread, brown rice, popcorn, pasta, and rye crackers.

Pure grains

Decrease Food Size

If you want to lose weight without dieting easily by doing nothing then decrease your food size by ten to twenty percent. Mostly in restaurants and homes, you are served with more than your requirement. So try to reduce the size of food and eat a measured amount to lose weight.

The author of “Mindless Eating” suggests using small size plates and cups to reduce the size of food. Using small plates and cups will not make you feel deprived because these will look full of food with a small portion.

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Increase Your Walking

Try to increase your walking and get a pedometer to measure your steps. Walk more as you can until to reach 10000 steps in a day. Try to enhance activities which keep you active just like a walk when you are talking with someone on phone, go to the walk with your dog, and walk-in your home while watching television. If you have a pedometer this will remind you to walk to reach your steps.

Morning walk

Consume Low-Fat Diets

Magee said that if you use the product by mixing different low-fat diets you will lose calories easily. You can eat low-fat salad, mayonnaise, and dairy products to decrease calories.

Lose weight without dieting

You can substitute many daily food items with healthy products just like the Salsa or hummus is the best replacement as a dip, spread mustard on a sandwich is a better choice than mayo, sweet potatoes are a good substitute of white potatoes, skimmed milk is healthy than cream milk, use less cheese for a sandwich, avoid cream for topping your salad and use vinaigrette.

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