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Advertising Options

If you have a new product or you are providing some new services then you can have it advertised on our website. We can offer you a great number of services.

Text Links & Banners Ads

We have invited all the brands and service providers to advertise their work on our website and create new customers and leads with our text links and banners ads. Banner ads are the modern way of advertisement and have shown great results in smaller budgets and lesser time.

The following ad spaces are available on our website.

  1. Ads on website:
    1. 300×250 1st sidebar block
    1. 300×250 2nd sidebar block
    1. 300×600 Long sidebar block (large ad space)
  2. Ads within content:
    1. Before content block (Best CTR): 320×250 / 500×150
    1. Middle of the content (Good CTR): 460×70 / 500×150
    1. After content block (Good CTR): 320×250 / 500×150
    1. Custom ad spaces can also be provided on request.

To book an ad slot, contact us by filling out our contact us page or you can send us an email at

Sponsored Posts

You can have your posts sponsored to have your services advertised in the form of an article. Send us an article that advertises your services or products, has references and links, and is also in accordance with our niche. We can publish it as a guest article for a short time. That article will be on our website for at least 5 working days. Keep in mind that these requests for sponsored posts and articles that are written by us are nonrefundable. If you have approved and the article for publishing then it is final and you will not be refunded.

To get a price and have an ad-sponsored through an article or post, contact us by filling out our contact us page or you can send us an email at