Are Fitness Trackers Safe To Wear or Not

Are fitness trackers safe to wear? Many people are asking this question as fitness trackers are becoming more famous now days.

Because fitness trackers are wearable technologies that help to determine the fitness of a person.

Are Fitness Trackers Safe To Wear For Body or Mind

Fitness tracking has become very easy by careful monitoring of your physical health and workout. The answer about the question ‘Are fitness trackers safe to wear’ will be discussed through pros and cons of fitness trackers.

But first lets look at what is a fitness tracker?

What Is A Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker or fitness band is a modern device with combined sensors that monitor your activities and motions.

It gathers all the general information about step you move, sleep excellence, and calories you burned and then convert that information into fitness metrics.

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The altimeter is a special sensor for the measurement of altitude by counting the steps of stairs you move up. A fitness band with more sensors gives more appropriate readings.

fitness trackers safe to wear

Pros and Cons of Fitness Bands/Trackers

Most of the people are very health conscious and constantly try to find out the answer about Are fitness trackers safe to wear for physical or mental health. This is very important to search for the benefits and harms of fitness trackers on their health.

In this article, we only discuss the advantages and disadvantages of fitness tracker in detail. We will discuss its pros and cons in such a way that you will be able to understand are fitness trackers safe to wear or not.

Negative Effects of Fitness Trackers

1. Cancer Causing

According to WHO, fitness trackers release non-ionized radiations which may cause cancer in humans.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) describe in their research that radiofrequency waves are used for cell phone and wireless.

Radiofrequency waves are not similar to other waves but it is not cleared yet that these waves may cause health impacts or not in the future.

One research paper describes that fitness trackers also emit rays like mobile phones, but it is thought that the radiations emit by wearables are not as harmful as mobile radiations.

The main difference between the effects of these gadgets is due to that the mobiles are usually held near to your brain for a long time and may cause impact more than fitness trackers.

In 2011 the world health organization describe that mobile phones may be cancer-causing agents. But according to many researches there has been no evidence that excessive use of mobile causes an increase in cancer patients.

But the emission of non-ionizing radiation is causing skin damage due to the overheating of mobiles. Fitness trackers also emit these radiations and may affect them because they are always worn.

So it’s good to remove them before sleeping because you may put your hands near to your head and heart while sleeping and may cause damage to them.

And if you wear trackers on your waist so remove it and wear it on hands because when you wear it on waist there will be a high risk of impact on internal vital organs.

 In today modern life, it became very difficult to eliminate harmful radiation from life. But we should try to stay away from these emitting devices.

You may follow these steps for more decline of radiation in your life:

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Select trackers that do not transfer the data continuously

If you want to reduce the risk of radiation you may have to select the tracker which should not transfer the data continuously.

There are trackers available that need to plug into your devices for synchronizing information so you should use these trackers for reducing radiations.

Sync your data only one time in a day to less expose yourself to harmful radiations.

Don’t wear trackers at your waist

Some of the vital organs are affected by wearing fitness trackers on waist. Always select the trackers that fulfill the requirements of a specific absorption rate as stated in the law.

SAR is the rate of energy absorbed by the body when radiofrequency waves are emitted by fitness trackers.

Unfortunately the fitness trackers that we use have a low SAR limit due to which our vital organ gets damaged.

Wear fitness trackers for short time

If want to check your calories burn, you should wear fitness trackers only for some days maybe for one week.

After one week you will understand your daily workout and do not need to use these trackers.

This will help you a lot to reduce exposure to harmful radiation. You can wear trackers after some days to look over to your activities.

fitness trackers safe or not

2. Anxiety

Many people complain that fitness trackers may cause increase anxiety about diet habits and increase work out.

It increases the nervousness of people. Trackers increase the stress in people about their activities which are also very harmful to their health.

And if there should be anything wrong in the tracker and it does not show the right information this will also increase stress. But the best quality trackers are also available for fitness monitoring.

3. Workout Obsession

Fitness trackers work safely until you use them correctly and don’t take stress about your daily routine.

Some people are very passionate about their health and count the calories burn, motion, and every activity of daily life to make themselves fit.

These people will change their eating habits and increase their workout to reduce their weight for good health but ultimately they are getting harm by this excessive workout and eating sickness.

This increase in the passion of person to excessive workout is due to monitoring their motion and calories burned in a day.

So if you started workout recently then be careful because excessive workout will cause unknown risks to your health.

Fitness trackers help you to collect information about your health activities but you should have to mentally active to not preoccupy your wind with extra fitness.

If workout obsession crosses its limit then it will end up with severe health effects. This is one of the biggest faults of fitness trackers.

So keep yourself strong so don’t take any stress about the workout and don’t make it an obsession. Don’t exercise more than your requirement.

4. Fitness Trackers and Coronavirus

Now a pandemic has spread all over the world due to Coronavirus which is known as COVID-19. This is spread by touching your eyes and mouth after touching any contaminated substance.

And many specialists told that the use of sanitizer is useless if somebody wears a watch or rings. However, that is not cleared that how much surface is contaminated by a watch.

Washing hands is very important to fight against coronavirus. But it will be difficult for you to wash your hand perfectly if you wear fitness trackers.

So if you want to workout in Covid-19 stay at home and wear a fitness tracker so wash them with soap whenever you are washing your hands to keep yourself safe from coronavirus.

4. Dependence on Fitness Tracker or App

Fitness trackers may cause many difficulties because people mostly depend on their external conditions for monitoring their fitness.

Most people ignore their internal conditions and only focus on physical appearance. The meaning of physical appearance or outside factors is the height, weight, and activities of a people.

When we enter that information in the fitness app and make specific fitness aim according to these features.

These fitness apps don’t provide the best goals for fitness because it doesn’t consider the internal health and natural condition of your growth.

These objectives are very dangerous for health. These goals are only based on their physical looks and are not useful for the internal and natural development of a person.

So if you want to be fit then you will have to set the goals according to your internal requirements.  The best way to set the objectives for your health is to seek guidance from an expert.

are fitness trackers safe

How to Control Negative Effects of Fitness Trackers

The effect of radiofrequency rays emitted by fitness watches is not cleared that they are harmful or not. But we may follow the below-given steps to reduce exposure to these radiations.

  • Use the fitness tracker that is sync manually and do sync one time in a day.
  • It will be good to take off trackers while sleeping because you may bout your hand close to the brain.
  • Try to wear trackers while doing exercise only.
  • Choose trackers after complete information about its health risk and electromotive force.
  • Wear fitness trackers on hand instead of on the waist.
  • Try to wear trackers only for some days to understand your daily activities routine. And wear it to check the improvement in your activities rather than always wearing it.

You may be aware that fitness trackers need a connection with Bluetooth, the internet, and a mobile phone.

These things also emit electromagnetic radiation and the best strategy to reduce exposure to this radiation is reducing the use of this equipment in daily life.

We are always exposed to this radiation because we need these devices in our daily life. We only reduce this exposure by using these things only when we need it.

So, we have discussed many negative effects of fitness trackers, now it’s time for their benefits!

Benefits of Fitness Trackers

1. Accountability

Fitness trackers are very beneficial for fitness lovers because some people only need a small ambition to start their exercise. Usually, fitness trackers are combined with many apps.

You can share your workout moments with your friends and may also invite your friends for a test. You are easily answerable to your health management.

According to research the people that use social apps are more active for their workout and don’t miss their exercise.

2. Enthusiasm

Fitness trackers are beneficial because it gives you detail about your physical activities. Fitness trackers give you detailed information about your movement and calories you burn in a day and other activities you do.

Generally, 10000 steps are good for keeping yourself active. Fitness tractors all notify you that at which point of the day you are more energetic.

Trackers also help to remind you to walk when you don’t move for some time. Fitness trackers are very motivational especially if your are on your weight loss goals.

3. Best Navigator While Travelling

Fitness travel also helps you to keep your track without using your phone while traveling. Trackers will help you to travel by navigating you in the right direction and you do not need to look at your phone.

are fitness trackers safe to wear

4. Receive Calls and Messages

Modern fitness trackers can message and call without touching the mobile phone. You can message or pick up the call without touching your phone during exercise with your smartwatch or tracker.

There are many other gadgets available for calling without touching the mobile phone. So it is a very beneficial aspect of trackers.

5. Setting Your Goals

Everyone wants to be healthy but everyone is not able to set their goals for an active workout for good health.

It is better to set your own goals according to your needs and exercise daily to achieve your goals.

Fitness trackers are very helpful in setting objectives for reducing your weight or marathon practice and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Setting your aim is very effective for good health because this will keep you active and inspired you to workout daily.

6. Heart Rate Monitoring

Fitness trackers also calculate your heart rate without any chest strap by monitoring your pulses. There are many sensors are combined at your wrist to notice any fluctuation in your blood speed.

As your blood is pumped by the heart it ultimately gives the heart rate. Blood volume fluctuation is noticed by the refection of light.

If the amount of light reflected is less it shows that the volume of blood that is pumped is high and high reflection indicates low blood volume pumping.

So it helps a person to work according to their heart rates.

Final Words

Now you may be cleared about the question ‘Are fitness trackers safe to wear’. Fitness trackers are safe and helpful until you use them carefully and don’t overload them in your mind.

They don’t harm your health directly but mentally. They need radiations for proper working that may be carcinogenic.

Fitness trackers emit radiation in small amounts but it is not cleared that they are harmful or not. Even the radiation emitted by phones is not approved to be harmful to health until now.

If you feel them harmful then you can reduce their exposure in your body. Very detailed sync of data and preoccupying yourself with heavy workout is very dangerous.

Also, the use of apps for setting goals for yourself is not good because it has no information about your internal health. Try to use tracker carefully for a healthy life.