Are Weight Loss Pills Safe and Healthy?

Are weight loss pills safe? That’s a burning question among obese individuals that want short-cuts to lose weight!

If you are overweight and want to lose weight, then at some point you might have thought about using weight loss pills.

You love eating your favorite burger or creamy pie and do not want to cut down them from your diet.

You may have thought that why putting yourself in trouble of doing a workout, when you can lose your weight using supplements.

Are weight loss Pills Safe or Not?

In this article, we have discussed the negative aspects of weight loss supplements are and why these are not safe for health.

There are more than one-third of youngsters and two-third of adults have more weight than their age in the United States.

More than 45% of overweight and 67% obese persons in the United States want to lose their weight.

According to many health experts, the changing in the daily eating habit and intake of calories along with regular workout are essential steps to start losing weight.

But changing the whole lifestyle and eating habit is not an easy task.

So many people include weight loss pills in their diet for losing weight easily. They think that these supplements help them to lose weight easily and they meet their goals effortlessly.

According to an estimate, more than 15% of Americans include weight loss pills in their diet. 21% of women use these weight loss tablets which are more than 10% men.

More than 2.1 Billion Dollars are spent by the American on weight loss supplements in the form of tablets, and capsules, etc.

Many contaminated weight loss pills for weight loss are being sold in America in the last some years.

Seizure medicines, diuretics, antidepressants, and stimulants are the unknown constituents used in the weight loss pills.

Are weight loss supplements save

List of illegal ingredients Used in Weight Loss Pills

Below is the list of some prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs that are used as weight loss supplements.

1. Sibutramine

Sibutramine is commonly found in contaminated weight loss pills. It reduces hunger and acts as a stimulant for your brain.

Using Sibutramine for weight loss will increase the risk for high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and also cause heart attacks. Sibutramine has been banned to be sold in America.

2. Fluoxetine

Fluoxetine is a very famous brand for making pills. It is an antidepressant pill produced by Prozac.

Fluoxetine is only allowed to sell on prescription but many people used it as a weight-loss supplement.

It is beneficial only for those who are prescribed by doctors and it may have many side effects if used for weight loss.

3. Phenolphthalein

Phenolphthalein is also a contaminated drug.

It is a laxative and was banned in 1999 by the FDA and removed from the safe list because it contains many ingredients that may cause cancer.

If someone uses Phenolphthalein for a long time then this may cause an electrolyte imbalance and fluid loss in the body.

4. Furosemide

Furosemide is a diuretic drug that is sold on prescription.

The drug used for removing an excessive amount of fluid in the body is known as a diuretic.

The person which heart fails to work properly uses diuretics to remove excess fluid.

If they use an extra dosage of diuretic then it may cause excretion of more fluid through urination.

Excessive excretion of fluid may cause muscle weakness, electrolyte imbalance, and dehydration in the body.

Are weight loss pills save

5. Phenytoin

Phenytoin is the medicine for seizures and Dilantin is a famous brand that makes phenytoin. An extra dose of phenytoin may have many health impacts.

Many drugs that are banned in America and sold in other countries are used as weight loss pills by Americans.

Role of FDA in Controlling Weight Loss Pills

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America are not authorized to regulate weight loss pills as it controls medicines.

They only have the authority to remove the contaminated weight loss pills in the markets.

When such contaminated supplement products are found in the market then the companies that market these weight loss pills or capsules can be sued.

Final Word

Are weight loss pills save?. The answer is that these pills are not safe and have negative health impacts.

So, you have to sacrifice your favorite burgers and have to do the workout, if you want to lose weight safely and naturally.

There are numerous weight loss programs or apps that you can use to reduce your weight. You can either lose your weight without dieting, or adopt different tips to burn your excess fat fast.

Just like every shinning thing is not gold, weight loss pills are not safe to use.