Are Weight Loss Plateaus Real?

What is Weight Loss Plateau?

When you start dieting and exercise you may lose weight frequently in the first two to three weeks but after that your weight loss becomes slow and after some months your weight stops reducing and stay the same. This condition is known as weight loss plateau.

Weight loss plateau is a state when your weight stops losing and stay the same despite you are following a diet and workout plan.  If you want to lose weight then you have to burn more calories than you consume.

Reasons of Weight Loss Plateau?

There is no proven reason for weight loss plateau. But according to some doctors’ it may be due to the adaptation of the body to a weight loss diet or maybe metabolic activities slowdown in the body.

But when start eating a dietary food that has fewer calories you lose weight easily at the start but after some time your body may adapt this diet and stop reducing weight.

Dieting for a long time may reduce your hunger which may reduce your metabolic activities and also stop reducing weight. When you eat dietary food and consume fewer calories it may also reduce nutrients supply to your body. And you feel inactive and weak and may cause many problems for health.

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You may feel sick and unhealthy due to a shortage of proteins and nutrients. Not eating for a long time may cause pain in your stomach when you eat after a long time. 

So you have to eat something at least 4-5 hours a day. At this stage, you will not feel hunger and when you eat after a long time it may cause pain for you.

You may have a shortage of nutrients, protein, and calories in your body which may cause many problems. So if you want to lose more weight then you have to do more workouts and eat less calorie food than before.

Good sleeping and reducing stress is also beneficial for losing weight. So contact a dietitian when you reach the weight loss plateau for choosing the right diet and exercise plan.

When you feel that you have reached the weight loss plateau then you should have a perfect diet plan. It will fulfill your calorie requirements and also help to reduce weight.

Fruit and vegetable are rich in fibers and make you feel full longer and help to reduce weight. You may also have to increase your workout intensity for reducing more weight.

Sleeping for at least 8 hours is good for health and you also have to participate in stress management programs. These programs reduce stress also helps to reduce weight.

Focusing on the diet is very necessary for weight loss. Many people don’t know what they are eating and how many calories in their food. So when you want to lose weight you have to lose more calories than you consume.

Final Word

Your body may stop reducing weight after some months of dieting and exercising and you reach the weight loss plateau.

There is no specific reason found for weight loss plateau. You may have more workout and eat less calorie food than before for further weight loss.