Are Workout Apps Effective?

With this era of technological advancement, we are getting more active online and less active when we are offline.

Modern technology has made our life’s so convenient and fast-paced that we consider doing the workout for an hour everyday time consuming even though we spend a lot more time on social media, wasting our lives and health.

This sedentary lifestyle has given a boom to an indoor workout. Even those people who never went to work out installed apps to stay active. But the question is “Are workout apps effective?

If you compare weight loss apps that track your calories and workout duration with a personal trainer that the answer is big no.

If you think that the app will help you stay active without having any will or personal interest then the answer is again a big no.

There is a lot of confusion regarding workout apps’ effectiveness. During the last few months, we are getting bombard with thousands of new workout or weight loss apps. There are even apps for training a single muscle.

There are many different studies done to find this answer. Some of them say yes while others say no. Let me present you scientifically backed arguments in favor and against these apps’ effectiveness.

Yes! Workout Apps Are Effective

Many workout apps developers might get happy to read this research paper. According to this research paper, these apps helped its users to stay more active than those that don’t use them.

In this research, 726 individuals participated. about three-quarter of them reported that they stayed more active than those that never used such apps or left using them.

According to other researches, these apps only work when they are customizable. This means the user cam sets his personal goals not following preset ones.

workout apps

No! They Suck

Many studies found these apps useless. According to an ongoing research of Carnegie Mellon University’s Integrated Innovation Institute, 2000 healthy individuals were involved in this, half of those individuals said apps were helpful while the other half marked them useless.

In another such study, researchers observed the top 100 workout apps on play store keenly. They found that apps were not lacking anything, but their description was vague. So, most people install them and uninstall them just after one try.


If you are an active person who just needs a reminder to workout or the right technique, then these apps are for you. If you think that these apps will not push you to get active then don’t try!