Are Workout Rest Days Important?

We are motivated to get some extra strength and muscle mass while losing some fat around our body. We work hard every day even on weekends but it doesn’t give us the results we want.

The core reason is the lack of workout rest days between our hectic schedule. Instead of gaining weight and maintaining a healthy body, we go to the opposite direction and looses strength of our bones and muscles. Many friends motivate us to workout every day to get the best results but we have to take workout rest days.

Their many scientific theories regarding the benefits of exercising daily but we have to take some rest in between as well. If we take too much physical stress, there are higher chances to have an injury and you may hurt yourself.

Significance Of Exercise And Workout Rest Days

 Many well-knowned nutritionist and health care specialist recommends getting at least 150 minustes of cardio training each week. This landmark can easily be achieved by having the daily cardio exercise of 30 minutes.

For strength training, having exercise 3 days a week for 30 minutes is important and enough to gain some quality muscle mass.

There are several recommendations that we should workout for every body part thrice a week and give it rest for up to 48 hours to get the strength back which will lead you to use more weight for exercises.

The intensity of training should be according to your level as if you are a beginner you have to start with multiple exercises and go for progressive overload to get the best results over the month.

You can easily increase intensity of your workout with a good amount of rest in between.

If you want to increase your power, endurance and strength then workout rest days are important as doing weight training. Rest will rebuild your tissues and make you feel ready for the next day.

Sleeping is an important part of the resting process. Sleeping increases your growth hormones which lead to gain more muscle mass.

If your goal is to build muscle then rest days are important for your muscle to recover them and increase growth hormones.