Are Workout Supplements Worth It?

If you go to any supplement store you will see many different types of workout supplements.

And the number of flavors in these supplements never ceases to amaze me.

But the question is do you need them? Are workout supplements worth it?

The supplements industry is a billion-dollar industry. They lure people by their attractive advertisement and particularly teenagers become prey to that.

The reality is the majority of these supplements are a total waste of money if you are eating a healthy diet.

Only a few, such as protein supplements, are worth taking for muscle mass gain. If you are unable to procure daily protein requirement that is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

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You can try them only if you are taking your bodybuilding goals to the next level. Otherwise, those eggs and chicken frozen in your refrigerator are enough for your body.

Even if you see some results. Let me give you a list of reasons why you should be taking them.

Workout Supplements Are Not FDA Approved!

Yes, it is true. Workout supplements are not approved by the FDA because FDA approves only those products that safe for use.

There is no scientific study supporting these supplements’ efficiency. Don’t take this unnecessary risk!

Your body has its limit!

Let suppose you are taking a lot of iron supplements. Will you become an iron man!

No way. Because your body will absorb just enough iron that it needs and will ignore the remaining as your crush ignores you.

So, taking supplements unnecessary will not affect and it will be a total loss. But beware overdosing workout supplements can be dangerous.

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Workout Supplements are expensive!

This is a major issue with them. Even though there is no proof that workout supplements are effective but still you have to pay so much for them.

 And you will be asked to eat it for at least a couple of months before results start showing. It is going to be a burden on your wallet, my friend!

Natural is always better!

It is accepted now that organic and natural nutrition is always better than these artificial and synthetic workout supplements.

You can get your desired results more healthily by eating the required amount of natural and organic food. Go eat that boiled chicken!

Those steroids and fat-soluble supplements like vitamins A, D, E, and K could cause serious consequences if taken in large doses over a longer period. That could lead to death!