Are Workout Videos Effective?

Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt to this new indoor lifestyle. It is like a modern version of the caveman era.

Staying active and do proper workouts while staying indoor is difficult. Most of us never bought any workout equipment. The gym was a place for it, right. But not anymore sadly.

In this lockdown, people are seeking ways to continue their workout routines. Even though its not very easy and we lack equipment.

At this stage comes workout videos. Many professional trainers were running successful YouTube channels.

Where they guided people for a proper and effective workout. And in this pandemic, their need is more than ever.

Thousands of new fitness YouTube channels started during this pandemic and their main focus was to help people workout while staying indoors.

So, the question arises are these effective? Yes, they are. if you are watching some professional trainer’s channel and following their instructions properly then most probably you will start to see results.

Benefits of Workout Videos

The following are some major benefits of workout video:

It is free!

Nothing is better than free. Many people like me are not able to hire such professional trainers. But with their channels, we can receive their instructions and training for free.

This pandemic has deteriorated the financial status of most of us. being able to workout at home while guided by a professional is a blessing

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It’s reliable!

Only professionals can make such big channels with millions of subscribers. No amateur will be able to attract so many people because people can easily judge and detect skill level with his videos.

This decreases the risk of wrong guidance. There is a big chance that you might hire some unprofessional trainer who will cost money and time both.But with online workout videos, you can pretty much trust those big fitness channels.

For example, Pamela Reif is an enthusiastic fitness influencer on YouTube and Instagram. Her YouTube channel has more than 4 Million subscribers. Here is a video of 20 Minutes Full Body Workout by Pamela Reif.

It is convenient!

Workout videos o are very convenient. You don’t have to dress up and walk or drive to the gym.

You don’t have to wait for the person to leave the bench press or for dumbbells.

You can save your time and energy both with these workout videos.


There is no doubt that these workout videos are effective. But you must watch some authentic and reliable channel for it.

Do follow the instructions properly or you will not see the results. Last but not least it’s up to you to push your body to limits even while staying indoors.