Can Weight Loss Shakes Cause Diarrhea?

Many people around the globe are now engaged in consuming more liquid foods. Most of us drink weight loss shakes before the exercise and right after it to get the best results.

Rather than getting results, we get diarrhea earlier. You feel that you’re ready for the next day but when you wake up your stomach aches. And after visiting the toilet, you get to know that you have diarrhea.

Then question emerges in your mind “Can weight loss shakes cause diarrhea?”

So are weight-loss shakes good at replacing meals or they are just here to cause you diarrhea? We will break down all the necessary details to provide you with the perfect information for your healthy lifestyle. 

How Weight Loss Shakes Cause Diarrhea?

Some researches can justify that weight loss shakes can cause you diarrhea. Yet they may be under some conditions and those conditions are mentioned below:

1. If Your Weight Loss Shakes Contain Casein or Whey Protein

There is no other chance of creating a dairy weight loss product without whey protein. Various studies (1, 2) suggests that lactose may cause diarrhea to some of those who have a weak stomach.

Many of us didn’t take prior notice of lactose and didn’t measure its daily diet. If you think that diarrhea is happened due to excessive lactose intake then there are a few key points you can follow.

Try to use non-dairy sources of protein. Or supplement casein and whey with lactose enzymes to make you digest better.

2. Your Weight Loss Shakes Contain Artificial Flavor or Sugar Alcohol

Research shows that some artificial sweeteners like Sucralose and acesulfame potassium or sugar alcohol like sorbitol and xylitol may cause you diarrhea.

Please make sure to avoid supplements with artificial flavors. And try to buy the supplements with natural flavorings such as stevia extract.

You can even try the unsweetened version of supplements and flavor them according to your requirements and taste.

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3. Maybe You Are Drinking Them Throughout The Day

Drinking your meal replacement shakes every time is not a great idea. Your body needs time to let the food digest.

The shakes on the other hands rush towards your stomach with a massive amount of protein. This phenomenon creates a problem for your body as you don’t give it time to relax a bit.

When you will take the supplements shakes every time, your body will stop accepting it and the gastrointestinal tract will reject the whole shake and cause you the worst diarrhea.

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Is There Any Solution?

The answer to the question whether weight loss shakes cause diarrhea depends on your body naturally. Some people just can’t have spicy food which starts irritating the bowels and some might have to stay away from caffeine as well.

Always east healthy foods that help in weight loss. The foods that are high in fat should not be consumed regularly because they can’t be digested easily. Indigestion may cause diarrhea.

Even it is your meal or meal replacement shakes, try to take good care of your guts. They are also part of you and they need your attention.

Don’t just overeat to get bigger and try to adjust your daily routine. And if your diarrhea persists, do contact your doctor.

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