Can Weight Loss Stop Periods?

Can weight loss stop periods?” That is the first question that appear in the mind of females who want to shed some weight.

Weight Loss From Being Normal Weight

There is no exact amount of weight loss that may affect your period if you are normally weighted.

When you lose weight then periods effectiveness depends on the speed of weight loss. The faster you lose weight, the more periods will be affected.

A caloric restriction and an increase in the amount of exercise to reduce weight will change the response of your hormones.

It will interrupt ovulation and will make you miss your period. The phenomenon lowers the estrogen level in your body and directly affects your healthy bones to make it weaker and unhealthy.

Weight Loss While Being Overweight

When you are overweight or obese and your BMI clearly shows that it’s over 35. The chances are high that you are not getting periods regularly because of the amount of excessive fat and adipose tissues that increases your estrogen level.

The higher amount of estrogen level may lead to some serious medical issues such as breast cancer and uterine cancer.

Weight loss will surely aid you to regulate your period and will help you stay safe from different problems regarding excessive hormones.

If you are having periods regularly then it shows that you have a healthy body as well as a great balance between hormones.

Make sure to get the perfect BMI according to your body which will restart your ovulation and period cycle.

weight loss and periods

Key Information

If you are looking forward to taking your weight to the best BMI according to your body then make sure to consult your nutritionist, health care provider or even your trainer would be handy.

If you are overweight then make sure to lose fat as well as gain some muscle mass to get the best results.

Try to set goals for your workout, have rest in between to reach your true potential. Make sure to sleep daily for at-least 8 hours and have a good meal plan for your body lose program. The important destination you want to reach is the perfect BMI.

Final Word

Can weight loss stop periods?” The answer is that weight loss can easily affect your menstrual cycle. It may regulate your regular periods or start over them again.

This process is a connection between your brain and your ovaries. So, that’s how weight loss affects your period.