Can Workout Cause Chest Pain?

“Can workout cause chest pain?” If you are young and not very obese, then that light chest pain you just felt, during the workout, is most probably not a serious concern like heart attack.

Many teenagers panic even with a little pinch in their chest, I used to be one of these individuals by the way. I used to think that this intense workout had damaged my heart and it is tearing apart!

You will be surprised to know that the active individual feels these chest pains more often than those couch potatoes.

The reason is that their body tissues get damaged during a workout. It’s pretty common for muscles to wear out and get damaged during an intense workout.

The Most Common Causes of Chest Pain

Your chest contains the two most vital organs of your body, heart, and lungs. Any serious problem with them will express in the form of chest pain or tightness.

But there are millions are reasons that can lead to chest pain and tightness.

1. Trauma

it is very common to damaged tissues or joints during a workout. Sometimes pectoral muscles get wear out and lead to intense pain. A broken or bruised rib also causes intense chest pain

2. Lung Problems

Lungs are usually very well protected and don’t get damaged easily. Any problem with lungs will not only cause chest pain and tightness but breathlessness too. There are hundreds of diseases of lungs that can cause intense chest pain.

Can workout cause chest pain

3. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder

The esophagus or food canal runs in your chest from neck to stomach. Problems with the chest portion of the esophagus also lead to chest pain. Such as gastroesophageal reflux disorder that causes chest pain more commonly known as heartburn.

4. Heart Problems

Chest pain due to heart problems is a serious concern because it can cause sudden death.

Final Word

So, if you ask “Can workout cause chest pain?” then my answer will be ‘YES’. But is it serious then it depends. Let suppose you have a pretty active lifestyle. Your physique is of an athlete, you never had any serious disease then most probably it is not any serious condition like heart disease. But don’t get me wrong. Heart problems are getting pretty common in teens too.

But if you are an obese guy, don’t have a very active lifestyle, and feels intense and continuous pain in your chest just after a little workout, you should get an appointment with a doctor.