Explore The 20 Best Weight Loss Apps in 2020

Installing weight loss apps in your smartphone and tablets will help in monitoring your habits and workout routine. These apps will track your daily activities such as daily intake and burning of calories.

There are many weight loss apps in 2020 and have different features such as some have barcode scanning ability and maintenance aids.

Some weight loss apps can also be connected with other apps for better health and fitness tips. Such apps are very motivated for you and help you to lose weight.

These apps are very easy to install and use and have scientifically proved to be very helpful for weight loss.

List of Top Weight Loss Apps of 2020

There are different weight loss apps for the help of different diet people, such as keto, vegan, and paleo diets. If you want to lose weight then below are the top 20 apps of 2020 for weight loss.

1. Lose It!

The best app for counting the calorie intake and burn and weight is Lose it. This app is very easy to use.

You can enter your information such as weight, height, and age in this app and it will give you a detailed plan of weight loss and calories you required.

You can also enter the data about your diet and it will give you a detailed plan. It will give you a plan for the best diet from more than 33 million foods and hotels.

It has a barcode scanner and you can add your diet pattern by using this. It saves your data and you can select the diet when you want to eat it.

It gives you information about the calories that you consumed in a day or a week. It will graphically represent the fluctuation in your weight by perfect monitoring.

Lose it has a very unique feature of the planning and selecting the diet and the size of food by taking its picture which differentiates it from other apps.

In Lose it you can share your idea and information and also ask a question from others. It helps to communicate for sharing information and you can also challenge other users in this app.

You can download this app free of cost but it has some exceptional features which can be used after purchase. You can sign up for a month at 9.99$ and a year at 39.99$.

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2. MyFitnessPal

You may know that calories counting is very important for weight loss.

So for counting your calorie intake and burning for losing weight you can download the MyFitnesPal app.

This app will help you to calculate calories and inform you about your required calories and you can enter your data about your diet from more than 11 million foods. It also includes detail about restaurant foods that you can eat.

When you enter all the required information then this app will make a plan for the consumption of calories and nutrients in a day for you.

This app will show all the information about the consumption of fat, protein, and carbohydrates in a table form.

If you want to enter the information about your food then you can scan its barcode and the data will enter automatically. You can explore healthy foods for weight loss in this app.

You can also communicate with other users and share your information and achievements with them.

You can download this app free of cost. But for achieving the most superior features you will have to subscribe to this app is 9.99$ for a month or at 49.99$ for a year.

3. Fitbit

Workout apps are very helpful to monitor the workout routine because it will help you to lose weight.

If you want to measure your activities routine then you can wear Fitbit devices. These devices will track your physical activities perfectly.

It will monitor all the movement to do and the miles you walked. It also counts the stairs you climbed. They also count your heart rates.

If you use Fitbit devices then you will easily access to Fitbit apps. These apps will merge your all physical activities. These apps are also helpful to monitor your sleeping pattern, weight loss plans, and the diet you eat.

Fitbit is also a people-friendly app and you can communicate with other users easily. You can share your ideas with them and participates in different contests. 

You can set a reminder on your Fitbit devices for your workout and other activities. It will send a notice about your fitness plans that how many days you have to follow this plan to attain your goals.

You can add detail about your food and water consumption so that it will give data about the required calories and water for hydration.

If you want to download the Fitbit app then you can compare it to many other apps for testing. Such as Google fit and Apple watches etc.

This app is free to download but the most superior features of this app are costly. You will have to pay for signup, 9.99$ for a monthly package, and 79.99$ for a year.

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4. MealShare

If you want to eat healthy food and lose weight then may contact a nutritionist for this. But this will cost you very much.

You can download and use the MealShare app; it is a healthier eating app and connects you directly with a nutritionist at a low cost. It usually costs you 19.99$ for a month.

You do not need to enter the data about your meal comprehensively, and simply have to share the photo of your meal. When you share the photo an expert will guide you about the size of food that you should eat.

A dietitian will suggest food according to your goals and data you added in the description.

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5. WW

WW is a company that assists with various weight loss and maintenance activities. This company was previously named as Weight watchers.

WW helps to maintain calorie intake by using many modern methods and ultimately help to reduce weight. This modern method includes Zero point foods such as lean fruits, vegetables, and proteins.  

Based on the information and perspective of an individual a plan is specified for his diet.  

There are also different contests organized by weight watchers in different parts of the United States and you can participate in them. You can also participate in challenges on the WW app.

You can enter data about your weight and diet in the WW app and set your goals. You can enter data of food by scanning its barcode.

WW app is very useful for monitoring daily activities and exercise. You can also connect with other users and also awarded by participating in different challenges.

There are also more than 8000 approved foods in the WW app and you can explore the recipe based on your diet.

Changes occur in the rate of this app. If you want to subscribe to this app for the basic feature you have to pay 3.22$ for a week and for the premium feature you have to pay 12.69$ for a week.

6. Health

Health app is one of the best weight loss apps for those who want to lose their weights and want to understand their physical status. This app helps them to improve their fitness by reducing their weights through different methods. 

You can search this app on your device and download it. It is also an approved app for weight loss.

The workout is very essential if you want to lose weight and it is also important for your fitness. But changing the whole routine and start a workout is not so easy.

The health app is very helpful because it counts the steps you move-in day and you have not to extra walk for fitness. If you are a beginner and want to lose weight without extra work then you should have to make a goal for walking more than 10000 steps in a day and that will be very helpful for you.

This app also has many other features that help you to lose weight, you just have to enter data about your diet and other activities in a day and it will help you set a goal for weight loss by changing your diet and daily routine.

It also saves data and you can compare your previous data with new data, this will motivate you to attain your goal.

7. Noom

If you want to lose weight by simple modification in your lifestyles than download the Noom app.

You just have to enter data about your height, weight, gender, and aim and have to answer some simple questions about daily activities and basic health conditions and the Noom app will give you a plan about calorie intake.

There are more than 3.5 million recipes are available in the Noom app and you can track your diet from them.  

This app is very helpful for weight loss by giving a plan for workout and maintaining sugar level.

You will not have to give extra time to your health activities and just have to maintain your daily routine for weight loss and the Noom app help you in this.

It helps you to eat healthy food and motivate you by asking a question about activities regularly. Noom app will motivate you to eat healthy food and exercise regularly.

You will have to pay 59$ for a monthly package and 199$ for a yearly package on the Noom app.

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8. FatSecret

For maintaining the weight caring system should be adapted. The Fatsecret is an app that offers the best support system to its users for weight management.

You can enter data about your diet in this app and track your weight. This app also has a feature of social connecting and people can share their tips here. You can chat with other users and also make a group for the same goal users.

According to studies the people who have more connection with the community and is social friendly will be more active and achieve his goals of weight loss and maintenance more than others who don’t use social apps.

There are also many healthy recipes present in this app. You can also share your journey of weight loss and share the tips for the achievement and difficulties in your journey in the Fatsecret app.

The Fatsecret app is different from other apps because here you can add information about your diet, workout, and weight. And also suggest the best healthcare service.

This is a free app. You can also signup for several features at 6.99$ for a month or 38.99$ for a year.

9. Cronometer

For tracking your nutrition intake, health, and fitness you should download the Cronometer app.

Like many other apps, it also helps to count the calorie intake and burning in a body and have more than 300000 healthy recipes for weight loss. You can enter the data about your food by scanning its barcode.

A Cronometer is one of the best weight loss apps that focus on the nutrients intake that is required for a person and also counting calories features.

This app can monitor more than 82 micronutrients and aware you of the vitamin and mineral requirements in a day. This app also shows your progress to achieve your goal with time.

The Cronometer app also counts the percentage of fat in your body. And you can also share your photos and compare them with your before images.

Chronometer also provides an app for the nutritionist, dietitians, and health instructors which are known as chronometer pro. You can also connect with other users and chat with time for various useful tips.

You can download chronometer free of cost but to access all the features you have to upgrade this app by paying 5.99$ for a month or 34.95$ for a year.

10. Mindful Eating Tracker

When you want to lose weight than changing the present diet with healthier food will act very beneficial. If you want to reduce your hunger then download the Mindful Eating Tracker app.

This app helps them to describe their food need and physical hunger. So if you want to maintain a healthy life with a healthy diet you should use this app.

This app motivates the user by counting their calories intake and set a goal for their diet and inspire them to eat based on their goals. This app is a good alternative for food journals.

But in journals, you don’t enter your data about your diet, hunger, and feeling but in this app, you add data and then set goals based on your data. In this way, this app is better than food journals and other apps.

2020 best weight loss apps

11. Fooducate

You have to select healthy grocery products if you want to lose weight. Choosing healthy products is very devastating. So use weight loss apps for the navigation of products in any store. Fooducate is a good app for this purpose.

Fooducate is a very useful app and had a feature of barcode scanning. You can scan any food and get comprehensive information about the nutrition and other ingredients percentage in that food. You can scan more 250000 products by this app.

If you scan any product by the Fooducate app then it will give you detailed information about the ingredients of that product that are usually not written on it. For example trans-fats and high fructose syrup.

This app will not only provide information about that product but also give you an alternative health product.

For instance, if you scan a yogurt pack and high sugar is added in it then this app will give you another healthy yogurt choice.

You can download this app free of cost. And also sign up for premium features by paying 0.99$ to 89.99$.

12. 30 Whole Days

If you want to lose weight by changing your diet plan and eliminating unhealthy food then download 30 Whole Days app.

30 Whole Days mean that the 30 days are enough for you to change your diet and lose weight. This app is very helpful for you.

30 Whole Days app set the plan for 30 days and monitor your food type and portion based on 30 days plan. This app also has a barcode scanning facility and you can check that any food is approved or not by scanning its barcode.

Scanning a barcode also provides detailed information about the ingredients and packaging of food. Focusing on the diet for 30 days is not easy but this app makes it easy and helps you to monitor food based on 30 days plan.

13. SparkPeople

You can add information about your diet, weight, and workout for tracking in the SparkPeople app. There are more than 2 million recipes for nutrition requirements.

You can track your diet by scanning its barcode with this app. When you download a SparkPeople app it will give to a demo about the workout feature.

This app will provide you detailed information about a workout with photos so that you will follow the proper step during your exercise.

Sparkpeople has a point system and you will achieve a point when you attain your goal and motivate you to workout.

You can download this app free. But for unlocking premium features you have to pay 4.99$ for a month.

14. KetoDiet

If you want to eat a keto diet and want to monitor your diet perfectly and calculate the nutrients in it so you can download two weight loss apps that are Ketodiet and Ketodiet basic.

These apps also provide detail about the keto diet in blogs. Two approved dietitians share their ideas about Ketodiets in those blogs.

The Ketodiet app is created by Martina Slajerova which is an author of many books. Her books involve “The Keto Diet Cookbook” and “Keto Slow Cooker” etc.

This app is very beneficial because it provides detailed information of more than 1.65 million foods, and also shares recipes of many foods. So that you can select a keto diet by using your phone. 

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15. MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary is also another user-friendly app for weight loss and healthy life by counting the calories intake and burning.

Follow the calorie consumption plan will help you to intake the required calories and nutrition and cause weight loss.

More than 845000 approved recipes are available for a healthy diet. By involving the food list added by users this will cross 1 million foods. Data for more than 45 nutrients are also available in that app.

This app will show your data in the form of a table and charts and compare your calories and nutrients intake with the required amount.

You can easily get information about your food by scanning its barcode.

There is also a diabetes tracking feature present in MyNetDiary for diabetes patients to monitor their exercise, nutrition, and blood sugar level.

You can download this app free of cost but for some feature, you have to subscribe by paying 8.99$ for a month or 59.99$ per year.

best 2020 weight loss apps

16. Oh She Glows

Oh she glows is another app for those who want to lose weight. It shares recipes for both the plant-eating and newcomers and for those who want to lose weight.

The basic truth of the American diet is that they don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. But if you want to lose weight then the fiber-rich fruits and vegetables are very important for them.

Ohsheglows is an app that offers more than 140 plant-based foods that are scientifically proved for weight loss. These 140 recipes include 120 gluten-free recipes which are an added point in these recipes. There are beautiful photos of these recipes that are uploaded on the app which attract you to eat them.

17. Waterlogged

If you drink lemon juice with ice cubes stacking on it instead of water then it will not help you to lose weight. Water is an essential requirement and also helps to reduce weight because it helps in the digestion of calories and also helps to reduce hunger.

If you don’t drink enough water in a day and don’t remind to drink it then you can download the Waterlogged app because this helps you to remind you to drink water.

The users of this app are very impressed with this app because this app will not help them to drink water but also very helpful for weight loss.

Drinking water is also very beneficial for health and it will provide you more energy and you will stay active.

18. HealthyOut

Every restaurant promotes its food to be very healthy and nutritional for you but you are not aware of the calories that you consumed in that food.

Restaurant publicized their meals as a nutritional diet but when you go to eat them you will feel that there is nothing low calories food available in that restaurant.

If you want to eat a healthy and nutritious meal then download the HealthyOut app. This app helps you to find the best restaurant which provides a nutritious meal in your area. You have you enter your zip code and this app will give you a healthy restaurant option.

You can explore the meal according to your requirement such as low carbohydrates, paleo, gluten-free, and lean protein diet. This app also provides nutritious modifications in your food based on your goals.

19. Nom Nom Paleo

The Nom Nom paleo is a journal and cookbook for the paleo diet, it is an award-winning app and provide the easy and delicious paleo diet recipes. You are very lucky that now this journal is also available in-app form and you can download it easily.

If you want to start a paleo diet then Nom Nom Paleo is the best app for you. It provides a detailed description of the method of cooking with photos of more than 145 recipes.

Another benefit of using this app is that it will provide you a detailed list of grocery products and email you that list for your selected recipe.

20. Studio

If you want to lose weight and want to run, you can download the Studio app. It is one of the best weight loss apps for runners it connects runner with an audio playlist and the best trainers for running. Besides, running helps in reducing depression, anxiety, and stress that may cause unnecessary weight gain.

So you just have to download this app and signup for running instruction. This app is very beneficial because you can participate in many competitions and may win prizes that are known as Fitcoin.

This app is not only for the runner but you can download it for walking and step counting. It provides you nine weeks plan for losing weight. This app is free for the first two weeks to try. You can also prevent weight gain while staying at home using this app.