How to Prevent Weight Gain during COVID 19 Stay At Home

Nowadays, everyone is playing its role in trying to reduce the impact of COVID 19. So, cheers to all of those who are staying at home to save themselves from COVID 19 pandemic! Since lockdowns are set to continue for some time, it is important for us to stay healthy.

How to prevent weight gain during the holidays?

Most people, day by day, are getting anxious about gaining weight. In such a situation, concern like “why am I gaining weight so fast” seems justified. To provide solutions to such concerns, we are going to discuss ways to control weight gain during the holidays.

Plan Your Diet

Planning and preparing your holiday diet for the entire day can prevent weight gain at home. Compared to when you concentrate on weight loss, maintaining your weight demands that you keep a record of how much calories you put into your body.

Workout diet

You can decide to eat nutritious meals. But when you feel hungry, you may want to eat anything that is in your reach and consume it. And it is also an instinct to behave this way. Also, people who eat larger portions seem to gain more weight than those who do not.

So, as long as you are in your sane mind, it is sensible to have healthy food ready in reasonable amounts. In this way, you can avoid calories too. And this would help you to prevent holiday weight gain.

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Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is an answer to how to prevent weight gain. Drinking enough water is important in this weather. It is also one of the ways to control weight gain. It will increase your metabolism.

The most effective time for drinking water is half an hour before eating. As it can make you feel full, and you can eat fewer calories. It strengthens the digestive system so that fats are properly extracted from the body.

Moreover, it decreases fluid retention and reduces hunger. Thus, drinking water can make you prevent holiday weight gain.

Stay hydrated

Establish a Routine

During the COVID 19 stay at home period, establishing a routine as well as a home workout plan will help you live a healthy life. That means you have to keep track of everything you do. It is not difficult to build healthy routines.

You can create a routine that is nourishing and good for your health. Some unhealthy habits might sneak into your day but do not feel any guilt. These unhealthy habits are necessary to remember so you can make a difference.

As long as you remember these unhealthy habits, you try to get better daily by making small efforts. This is how a healthy routine helps you to achieve success. And thus a healthy routine helps you control weight gain during holidays by following a healthy routine. For example, you can plan your morning walk or self-meditation routine.

Control Your Stress

At some point, every one of us suffers from stress. Many people may feel it several times a day. Stress can have severe implications on how much you weigh. It can cause weight loss.

Other times it can result in extreme weight gain. When your clothes do not fit well, it can be stressful. And the more stressed you feel, the greater would be the chance of weight gain. It is a difficult loop to break.

Stress control to prevent weight gain

Furthermore, a stressful routine will induce more junk food cravings. Especially during the COVID 19 lockdown holidays, when a lot of fast food may surround you! For such factors, keeping stress levels under control is necessary, as this is how you gain weight.

There are many ways that can help you reduce stress and prevent weight gain at home. You can try exercise and meditation to control stress. And these are the proven methods to prevent holiday weight gain.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Feeling anxious about how to not gain weight during the holidays? Getting plenty of sleep is one of the best solutions. Not getting enough sleep is not the only factor in weight gain.

There are other reasons for that, including your diet and exercise patterns, stress, and health problems. Evidence shows that weight increases as sleep goes down. If you want to prevent weight gain at home, the amount of sleep you get could be just as essential as your diet and exercise.

Prevent weight gain with enough sleep

Studies have shown that insufficient sleep in both adults and children is related to weight gain. Lack of sleep can increase hunger, possibly because of its effect on hormones which signify hunger and fullness. So, by getting proper sleep, you can stop gaining weight during holidays.

Plan Your Workout

You should have a home workout plan to control your weight during holidays. As to prevent weight gain is as simple as going for a walk. It could be enough to walk as little as 30 minutes a day to lose weight. It can help you burn off some extra calories and boost your metabolism.

Plan Workout to prevent weight gain

If you are in energy balance it means you are burning the same amount of calories that you are eating. Your weight is, therefore, more likely to remain the same. It is worth noting that exercise is the most effective when paired with other improvements in lifestyle, like adhering to a balanced diet to prevent weight gain. So, you should plan a home workout for yourself to prevent holiday weight gain.

Accept the Setbacks

Setbacks on the path to prevent weight gain are unavoidable. Whether it is your holiday diet or your home workout, be self-compassionate. Give yourself a break over it. The slight mistake, however, does not indicate you should stop from your goals. Just move on, and make healthier choices.

Remember the times you turned up in the past to sweat it out and manage your portions better. Then commit to getting back on track by following your home workout and holiday diet.

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Tips To Control Weight Gain

These are some of the useful tips to stop gaining weight at home. If you follow these to control weight gain and make a decent home workout plan, you would not get disappointed.

5 Tips to prevent weight gain at home