Is Workout After Breakfast Safe or Not?

You might be familiar with the myth to not take a shower just after eating a meal, come on! I always believed it until I read that taking a shower after a meal is just fine. Then I attempted and nothing happened!

But what about the workout after breakfast? Is it fine? And how long one must wait before exercising after a meal? Here is what experts say.

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Avoid Exercising Right After The Meal

When asked Melissa Rifkin, a famous dietitian, whether workout after breakfast safe or not? this she said that it depends on the type of exercise and your meal size.

Even though eating before a workout is said to improve one’s performance during the workout but you should take care of a few things first.

If you have eaten a large and heavy meal, you should wait before you start the workout. Because heavy meal takes more time to get digested it stays longer in your stomach.

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If you start exercising soon after such a bulky meal, you feel bloating and discomfort in your belly. One reason for that is exercise inhibits the digestive process and it shifts the blood flow from git to muscles and other demanding parts of your body.

You can go for some low-fiber snacks about 30 to 45 minutes before you start exercising. Because carbohydrates are quickly digested and absorbed from git. Short interval, high-intensity training burns carbohydrates before going for stored fat.

If you are going for endurance training like marathon or swimming, you will need more energy for a longer time. For that purpose, try to add some protein in your diet too because proteins can provide a long-lasting energy source than carbohydrates.

How Long To Wait Before Exercise?

It also depends on the type of exercise and the meal. If you are going for a marathon you need a store of energy in your body. This is the reason the athletes preparing for a marathon, start eating high carbohydrates food like pasta, rice, and potatoes a day or two before the race.

This practice helps raise the level of stored glycogen in their muscles that will be crucial for a long race. As carbohydrates tun out, the body starts using stored glycogen in the muscles, which is stored form of glucose, a monosaccharide.

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Never go for a workout empty stomach. You should at least eat a banana half an hour before the exercise. Just stay away from high-fat diets before exercising, otherwise you will soon regret it just after starting a workout.

The Last Decision Is Yours!

Everyone’s body is unique. No advice is effective for all. You must test what suits best for you. Experts advise that is always based on the majority. Some people love to exercise just before breakfast while others just after breakfast and many of them never face any git problems or any hindrance during a workout.

But for the safe side and what is experienced by the majority, if you are eating a heavy meal try to wait at least an hour or two before intense training.