Man v Fat Football – Best Weight Loss Program for Obese

Looking to lose some weight while simultaneously enjoying your life? Then we have the perfect solution for you in the form of the Man v Fat Football Program.

The program simply helps fat men to get in better shape while playing football as a workout.

This is a win-win situation for everybody because even if you lost the game, you still won it by losing some extra weight while playing.

Here in this article, we will discuss each and every detail of Man v Fat Football program and why it is considered as the best weight loss program for obese.

How Man v Fat Football Works As A Program

  • There will be games weekly with certified referees, trophies and medals
  • Weekly checks and updates about your weight
  • A professional coach who will tell you about your routine
  • Suggested recipes etc. and online resources
  • Man v Fat national team opportunity

Man v fat football

What Makes Man v Fat Football Different From Others?

1. Weekly Games

Here you will play football every week with professional referees. If you don’t see yourself fit enough never worry Man v Fat Football is for every person.

2. Team Work

You will be in a team of other fat guys who also want to lose weight. They will always check your progress and they will help you with any of your need.

3. Rewarding

Here you are always rewarded for your better fitness. When you lose weight your team will get points in the form of goals so you all will try for losing weight.

Man v Fat Football is a great platform which supports and motivates every individual and helps them develop over the period. It helps them gain their self-esteem by giving them victories off the and on the pitch.

With this program, a weight loss is also a victory even if you lose the match. Every goal, every bell notch tightened and any loss in weight are a deserving victory and Man v Fat Football always appreciates that.

But if you go throughout to win the league, smashing the opponents and just moving forward on every single match then trophy is yours and you truly deserve this.

If you are rightly motivated and not looking to lose some weight and you want to ensure a league title in the end.

Follow some steps mentioned below to get the best results on the field which will directly affect you winning the league title.

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4. Always Have A Goal In Mind

First of all, you should always remember the main goal that why you joined Man v Fat program. YOU HAVE TO LOSE SOME POUNDS.

Then your secondary goal should be to win the league with your team. The team which works hard always get the victory.

As we know that the victory is always sweet after loads of hard work and intense training on and off the field. Always keep the goal in your mind; it will stop you from getting into unhealthy habits and food.

To make sure that you will be winning, you have to eat healthily and work hard daily to get the best results at the end of the week.

You have to aim to lose some weight because it will directly affect your team as you will be assisting them while pressing the opponent or running around the field to make it hard for opposing team members. Aim to unleash your best it will surely take your team to the top.

5. Follow Your Captain

A great captain is always an asset to your team. He is the strength of the team; he motivates others to make sure that everyone is performing up to the mark.

He can also take a bunch of men into one unit and motivate them to win the league. You should always take the side of your captain if you are looking to clutch the league title.

6. Admire Your Teammates

Do be an extrovert have some chats with your mates as it makes the bond stronger. You learn from others and teach others what they may lack.

You can make groups on your phones to have some funny, informational and technical chats with each other.

It helps in building a great environment around the members and surely boosts morale and motivates the team to clinch the league title.

You will easily see the effects of great bonding on the pitch while you all will be crushing your opponents.

Man vs fat football

7. Be Friendly

Try to make stronger friendships with your mates in the team. Have some trolls and memes to have personal moments.

Make sure that you guys don’t hate each other and love to come every weekend to meet each other, talk and compete. You all have the same motive “To lose some weight” so make sure to keep the healthy environment and try not to be a racist and motivate others.

Get the best of your every teammate to get the best results on the pitch. It will directly affect your ranking on the league table.

8. Develop Tactics

Try to make sure that your team is playing with a certain plan. They should know how should they line up and how they are going to attack. Are they looking to use wide fields or they will be doing short passes?

9. Push Your Boundaries

Try to give your best. Don’t blame your teammates regarding the match results. Try to be better every day, work hard more than your capabilities; you will surely get results you are looking for.

10. Be Competitive

Always get on the field with winning in your mind. Never assume that the opponents are better and we will lose the game.

Try to play every game as a final match and make sure the match you are playing is worth it. Even if you lose, look where the trouble was and cheer on the positive side of the match.

Always praise those who played well and motivate those who were not up to the mark. Desire to win, try to win on the field and off the field. Make sure that your physique is getting better and you are also losing some weight which will surely help your team.

These are some points on which you can work on and get the sweet taste of victory and clinch the league title. It is also a happy moment to cheer, flex and have a party while holding the trophy.

Support those who performed well and help those who need motivation in next season. Motivate the obese to lose some weight and come back strong.

Man v fat football

Benefits of Man vs Fat Football Program

Now come to the main point, you are looking to lose some extra pounds of fat around your belly? It is hard for you to run?

Do you want to enjoy your life just like others? Man v Fat program is always there for you, we provide a great platform to play soccer and enjoy it with many natural benefits.

Playing football has great benefits as it helps us to regulate our blood flow. While running we use our stored fat cells to provide us with energy which helps us lose belly fat.

Football helps you develop great stamina and improve your respiratory system which helps you in your sex life. It helps you become a more decent and powerful man.

Playing football is always a plus point because it involves your brain, lungs and many other body muscles. When you join Man v Fat don’t look to join for sake of football rather try to lose some weight around your body to get better off the field.

Man v Fat is the most successful weight loss league. In this league, more than 95% of people lose their weight. Players lose up to 70 lbs of weight during 14 weeks of the league.

Here a thirty minutes game is played in which 6 peoples play aside if any of you team members lose weight your team is awarded by goals as points. So, everyone in the team tries to lose weight.

Man v Fat program strictly lets you work on your diet and lifestyle with the football and we have twenty-four seven online and offline support for our players.

Andrew Shanahan director of said:

“We were blessed to be offering this football league all over the world. The Man v Fat football league has helped about 95% players in losing their weights and 93% have gained a lot of health.

They have seen a huge improvement in blood pressures and joint pains. By 2016 our players playing here lost more than 7 tons of their weight and we truly believe we will smash that record in 2017 with leagues like the one in Cambridge”

Andy Dyke, National Participation Manager of Recreational Football said:

“Football never begins and ends like professional sports. There are different kind of football styles played all over the UK. Man v Fat Football is the best platform for those who want to lose their weight and want to also take a step in professional football.

We have got very impressive results since we started this football program. Many players have lost a lot of weight and now they are healthy and playing football on a good platform. We have gained results from all over the world.

Many people think after getting fat they are rendered unable to play football but this is the best platform to get yourself in football again while simultaneously losing the weight.  We know many people are registering themselves here at”

Man v Fat partner Bryan Williams wrote about his experience of Man v Fat:

“Joining Man v Fat was the best decision I made they made me realize how bad my health actually was. I was joined with some other members who were also there to lose weight. Some weeks go by and I start to feel myself much better than before. I’m gaining energy now and I can play with my relatives and friends without getting tired. I will always recommend this football to all people out there who want to lose weight.”

Reasons You Should Sign Up For Man vs Fat Football

It is designed for men who love football and want to lose their weight and get fitter.

It is easily accessible and there are many leagues near you.

It’s a proven success as we know that 95 % of players lose their weight and the average weight loss per season is 2 stone.

The Man v Fat football is the only association in Britain that is backed by The Football Association.

This is a life-changing platform and it takes you back to success even if you are at the rock bottom of your life.


If you want to lose your weight while enjoying your life then Man v Fat Football is the best platform for you. Here we don’t let you go with excuses as we help you to get better in shape.

Man v Fat Football makes a great weekly plan for you that ensure some weight losing techniques. Man v Fat has a blogging site where you can visit and get the best insights about Man v Fat and a vast amount of information that will surely ensure your success.

We motivate you to get better while making you enjoy the whole season of leagues and empowering you towards your glory. The most notable point is that the weight is lost in a great way.

It changes your whole life and gives it more abilities. It boosts your confidence and motivates you to stay healthy and eat healthily. There are many here who have transformed their lives and have found the best out of them.