Powerful Upper Body Workout for Beginners

So you have just started building upper body strength and looking for a perfect plan to achieve your goal.  This upper body workout for beginners guide has got all what you need. During this workout, you will get sore for many days as you may have to force yourselves to concentrate on just working against yourself.

Normally beginners would always start with a full body workout program, but this is not the best option, particularly if you are on a busy schedule. You can quickly divide the workouts so that you are working for multiple muscle groups on alternate days. Your upper body workout plan would be shorter and blend into a busy day.

Here are some of the upper body workout for beginners that are proven to achieve fitness. All these workouts allow you to stretch your muscles all the time, and you can set your level of difficulty.

Modified Push-up

Modified push-ups are a popular upper body workout that helps strengthen your upper body.

Modified pushups upper body workout for beginners
  1. Begin with the hands and knees. Move your hands forward till your back is straight and your hands are broader than your shoulders.
  2. Now bow the elbows and lower into a pushup, then go as low as possible. It is all right if, at first, you can only go a few inches.
  3. Only make sure your head and neck are in line with your chin.
  4. If this feels difficult, take some of the weight off the upper body and walk the hands back a little.
  5. If floor pushups are difficult, you can also try a different version such as an incline pushup or a wall pushup.
  6. To move on to more demanding pushups, you may have to develop both the upper body and core power. Repeat.

Forearm Planking

Forearm Planking is a kind of an upper-body workout for beginners. It is not just one of the core’s strongest exercises. It is also a strengthener of the shoulder. Planks will help your posture improve. You should include this in your upper body workout for beginners plan’s list. It is somewhat simpler than just supporting your body with your hands.

Forearm plank upper body workout for beginners
  1. At about shoulder width, put forearms on the ground with elbows placed under shoulders and arms aligned to your body.
  2. If flat palms annoy your wrists, put your hands close.

Chest Fly

Chest Fly is a perfect workout to strengthen your upper body. It is done to strengthen the chest and arms muscles in a similar way to push-ups. It is done using dumbbells.

Chest fly workout
  1. Lay on floor or bench, and carry light-med dumbbell.
  2. It can be approximately 5 to 8 pounds for women or 8 to 15 pounds for men.
  3. With the palms facing in, hold the weights straight up over the chest.
  4. Position your core to hold your body upright and maintain a slight bend in the elbows as you slowly drop your arms to the sides.
  5. Lift your arms out and down until they are just below chest level.
  6. Moving too low is going to include the shoulders and you want to retain the chest effect. Repeat.

Lat pull-down with Resistance Band

A resistance band workout targets biceps, middle back, and shoulders.

Resistance Band pull down workout
  1. Stand or sit, carrying a band of resistance in both hands.
  2. While you might need to change your hand position to get more or less tension, your hands will be about 2 to 3 feet apart.
  3. The nearer your hands are, the more challenging the exercise would be.
  4. To begin, keep the arms flat up and hold the left hand in place, grip the right side of your back and expand the band, dragging down the right elbow onto your rib cage. Repeat.

Back Extensions

Doing a back extension will increase the ability to control movement across the lower and upper back. This upper body workout for beginners results in a better overall posture to the upper back. It is also essential for preventing back injury.

Back extension workout
  1. Lay face down on a mat and put your hands beside your ears on the ground, elbows folded.
  2. Now, indulge the abs and now raise the chest of the floor gradually with an emphasis on using the lower back muscles.
  3. If you need to, you can use your hands gently for help but consider using your back muscles as much as you can.

Overhead Press

The Overhead Press is a complex upper body workout. But, it is one of the best exercises for building bigger arms with solid, muscular, and safe shoulders. Your arms and shoulders push the weight over your head as you stabilize your thighs, lower back, and abs. 

Overhead Press workout

Always start with a lighter weight like 5 to 8 pounds for women and 8 pounds or more for men. It is a bit difficult to perform, but it should be included in your upper body workout for beginners plan’s list.

  1. Stand on your front shoulders with the bar and your hands close to your shoulders.
  2. Pull the bar over your head till your shoulders and mid-foot are balanced.
  3. At the top, lock your elbows, and lift your shoulders upwards.

Triceps Kickbacks

The triceps kickback can be included in the category of upper body workout for beginners. It targets particularly the triceps. This workout allows you to shape and strengthen your arms and improves your physical strength.

Triceps Kickbacks workout

You should position your foot on a step or ladder for this exercise. Support your body with one hand whereas the other side is working. Otherwise, keep weight in the right hand and raise from the hips until the body is at an angle of around 45 degrees or parallel to the ground. Place your left hand on the thigh to lend some strength to your lower back.

  1. Start by pulling up the right elbow so it is right beside your back.
  2. Hold your arm in that spot while you straight ahead stretch the right arm, gripping the back of the neck.
  3. Repeat.

Depending on your needs, you can make an upper body workout as simple or as complicated as you want. Besides, you can also design an upper body workout for beginners plan to achieve fitness goals. We have picked up 5 best workout exercises at home. By doing these exercises, you will be able to strengthen your upper body in 7 days.

Upper body workout exercises at home