Running Helps In Weight Loss – A Complete Guide

Running helps in weight loss, helping us to do more cardio and compound muscle exercise. Running can also be a hectic exercise and may need good nutrition to maintain the performance.

Running is one of the most dominant forms of exercise for weight loss. If you’re a professional athlete looking to get shredded or a rookie who’s looking to lose some weight, running is the best option for you.

If you are looking to lose weight then drinking water in between running would be highly beneficial.

Running helps in weight loss and gives great results but don’t expect them in one night. You will build your stamina and endurance to run more time than before.

One of the best ways to lose weight by running is to have a caloric deficit but loads of water between the days.

Types of Running

There are many types of running that help a human body grow. Some of the popular types are as follows:

Base Running:

It is normally run to get muscle use to of compound movement. They are short runs extending from 8 to 10 km. 

Long Running:

Adding some more distance to base run are long runs. A person can run up to 20 km to increase his endurance and stamina.

Interval Running:

Intense running in different sets to increase stamina and cardiovascular abilities are called interval running. A person can do 5 sets of running 400 meters, starting from jogging and getting better with each interval.

Mountain Running:

It is the same as interval running, you just to run upward on the hilly area to increase your strength and stamina equally. Try to do it in intervals as well to get the best results.

Recovery Running:

These runs are slow after hectic running to recover your muscle and take the all heat out from them very easily. Run at least 4 to 5 minutes to ease your muscle after a hard training day.

Progression Running:

These runs are started at a slow pace and get to the top speed at the end. It is just like a marathon in which you have to runs miles and get better in speed every mile you cover. It builds your strength, muscles, and stamina on a daily bases.

running helps in weight loss

Running Helps In Fat Burning

The process of “Fat Burning” is carried out in our body. In this process, the fat is converted into fuel which aids us to get more power to do the work.

Running helps in weight loss by burning fat and converting it into useful carbs. The more fat is burned, the more stamina and power to your body.

How Fat Is Burned?

The human body converts the stored fat and carbs into useful fuel which helps us in different activities throughout the day.  The fat can be burned in these most common ways:

  1. While performing low-intensity activities.
  2. Longer duration of physical activities which helps to get more fat burned.
  3. The better shape makes running easy and fast conversion faster.

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Higher And Lower Intensity Running

An intense running phase might be better if you are looking to gain some stamina. It increases your cardiovascular abilities but makes your muscles do more work.

On the other hand, low-intensity running is the best to break down your fat cells as it requires less work from muscle. You can easily jog miles to get more fuel from fat around your body.  

The best running workout is to have progressive running in intervals which starts from slow exercise and getting faster in the period. It will also be great to induce the recovery phase which will help your muscle to relax.

Eat Safe And Healthy Diet

Always consume healthy meals that help in weight loss. If you want to lose weight you will have to maintain daily workout so calories deficit. You have to burn more calories by workout then the food you eat all day.

There are two ways to burn more calories one of them is to eat the food with fewer calories the second one is that you work and move more. Running is best for burning calories. It helps you by maintaining a calorie deficit. You can lose weight by eating less.

Always the problem comes here when you have done a lot of workouts you have run a long distance it makes it difficult for you to eat less because you are starving for much quantity of food.

Sometimes you cannot lose weight by a lot of workouts and eating less. Working out makes you starve more than other times. All people have different appetite response.

If working out and running increases your appetite you will eat a lot. Your goal should be that you eat good quality food to stop compensating effect reaching you.

Many of us do not consume a lot of calories. But do not remain empty take some calories. You can replace your junk food and fast food with fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

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You will always feel better by adding highly nutritional foods in your diet. When you will switch to a healthy diet you will naturally cut calories.

You should get some high-quality foods, food boasting macronutrients, and fiber they are better than low-quality foods and they fill you up with fewer qualities.

You can always increase you all over diet quality you can always eat enough to satisfy your appetite you can always lose weight with a healthy appetite.

5 Best Weight Loss Foods

Gradually Increase Your Running Distance

While running you should always increase distance gradually you are never going to lose more weight by running more you can get injured by over-pressuring your body.

Increase your training slowly either by making a run a little longer. Do not increases too much you will end up being overtrained and getting injured.

If you cannot increase your running distance so add a little walk before and after running. The 10% rule is always a good rule which is a sensible running increase. You can increase your running distance by 10% a week to others.

How To Start Running

Many accessories are available for running when you are in beginner mode. You can get a good pair of running shoes, a water bottle, running shorts or tights, and a comfortable top.

For a woman, it is highly recommended to wear a sports bra for running to reduce breast pain. Gears are very important for running. You can plan your runs in the early morning or late at night.

This time will help you prevent any accidents. There are a few points that you should know before running:

Frequency: In beginning run 3 to 4 days a week. This allows for enough recovery time

Warm-Up: Before running warming up your body is an important aspect to prepare your body for a run. Start to run slowly and then gradually increase your speed

Time: You should aim for running for almost half an hour. Five minutes for a cool down and twenty minutes for walking.

A Running Plan For Beginners

Keep Your Motivation Flying High

Having a long term plan for your weight loss journey is crucial. Running helps in weight loss, so the best way of keeping yourself motivated is to keep the workout fun.

A fun workout means that you will not be making any excuses for yourself. Any excuse that may force you to skip your workout is not good.

What you can do is that you can change your workout style every week or so. Bring in something extra, something fun to your workout.

Challenge a friend to a run or try new places to run to. You can even climb a small hill or anything you have never been to. This way you will keep yourself motivated.

Taking your gear out early in the morning and getting things ready can be demotivating. What you can do is that you can lay out your gear at night. Either next to your bed or near the front.

Either way, you will wake up knowing that you don’t have to get everything ready, but instead, you can start your workout just now. Also, sign up for marathons and other runs. You will find yourself motivated alongside so many people. These small tricks will keep you motivated.

running to lose weight

Other Important Benefits of Running

People think that running helps in weight loss, so it is very important. It is completely wrong as running has so many other benefits that one cannot even imagine.

It is key to having perfect health. And for avoiding porous bones and many other diseases that may occur in old age. A few health problems that may occur due to lack of workout are:

1. Heart Disease

Heart diseases might be caused a lack of physical training. A study took over 15 years to complete. 50,000 people participated in the study too. It proved that running for 10 to 15 minutes daily can reduce the chances of heart diseases by 45%.

Hence, a small run daily might be more important to your body than you might think.

2. Depression & Anxiety

Running also plays an important role in reducing depression and anxiety. Running increases bonding, focus and motivation among depressed individuals.

3. Cataracts

A study found that people who run more have a lower chance of developing cataracts. A small run will reduce the chances of cataracts. Perfect health will be ensured.

4. Falls

Falling becomes common in old age. If you have been running well in your 40s, then the chances of you falling due to old age are very low.

Also, you should not stop running once you grow old. Your leg muscles become more and more responsive due to running. The falls are hence reduced.

5. Knee Damage

It is a very common myth among people of all ages that running will cause knee damage and make your knees weak. This is completely untrue. Running makes your knees string and make your knee muscles more responsive. It makes your knees healthier.

Tips For Running To Lose Weight

Some professionals and experts recommend these techniques to overweight woman and man:

Run Daily

Your body parts such as bones and muscle need a certain amount of time to adopt your running schedule. A good recommendation for beginners is to take necessary rest in between your running days.

It will provide strength for the next day and you will not any kind of injury. Try to start with an easy schedule and get better over the months. You will surely notice a massive effect on your body by giving it some rest to recover.

Start With Walking

Walking is always less stressful than running, muscles are not over-pressured in walking, but it is always stressful to make these areas stronger and resilient.

Walking is a great tool to prepare your body for running. Your walking in start should consist of a mixture of running and walking depending on how much pressure your body can take.

As time passes your muscles get trained and you are good to go for running. Increase the distance of your run gradually.

running helps with weight loss

Final Word

Running helps in weight loss but you should always follow a good workout plan. Eat a good quality weight loss food, and run enough amount that you want to and you will gradually start to lose your weight.