Top 20 Lower Body Workouts of 2020

One of the easiest and effective workouts in your home are lower body workouts. Just like upper body workouts, these workouts are the most functional and efficient. When you are working out at home, you don’t need machinery and equipment.

The Best Lower Body Exercises of 2020

Lower body workouts mainly target your lower body areas such as glutes, hamstrings, etc. You can also take workout rest days to relax your body and get strength back for workouts.

Some of the accessories we are using are simple such as Swiss ball or Small Wooden Plyo Box and a PVC workout Mat. Ply box makes your workout more challenging.

  1. Front Squat
  2. Bulgarian Split Squat
  3. Squat
  4. Jumping Squats
  5. Jumping Lunges
  6. Dumbbell Stepup
  7. Single Leg Squat 
  8. Deadlift
  9. Swiss Ball Leg Curl
  10. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift
  11. Leg Press
  12. Bodyweight Calf Raise
  13. Raised Glute Bridge
  14. Single Leg Bridge 
  15. Bulgarian Split Squat 
  16. Kettlebell Swing
  17. Lateral Step-Ups
  18. Step Up To Reverse Lunge
  19. Dumbbell Squat
  20. Seated Calf Raise

1. Front Squat

For the front squat, place your barbell on your shoulder height at the power rack in front of you.

Now grab the barbell and set it on your shoulder with elbow raised and hands holding the barbell.

Make sure to grasp it parallel to the floor. Now remove the barbell from the rack and move two-step backward.

Lower your body with stiff backbone until your thighs come parallel to the floor, then get back to the actual position.

lower body workouts

2. Bulgarian Split Squat

Bulgarian split squads are great to increase strength and muscle mass of your legs. To perform it correctly hold the same weight dumbbell in your hand.

Now place the left foot on the bench while facing the opposite side and go down until your knee touches the floor.

Repeat this phenomenon with the right leg as well.

3. Romanian Deadlift

While performing Romanian deadlift hold your barbell in the shoulder-width grip.

Stand firmly while your feet are wide apart from your hip.

Now go down until you feel stretch in your glutes and hamstrings.

4. Squat

A simple and great workout for hard-gainers. For squats, hold the bar on the rack while elbow upward and place it perfectly on your shoulder so it may not cause any injury.

Now take some step backward and get down until your knees are bent with a well-maintained posture, pinch your hips out and then come back upwards to get into the initial position.

Continue to perform this workout accordingly.

5. Dumbbell Step-up

Stand in front of an elevated surface while holding the dumbbells.

Now put one leg on the elevated surface and one hanging off at the back. Repeat the process for both of your legs.

6. Deadlift

Stand one inch away from the bar placed on the floor.

Place your legs wide apart parallel to your shoulders and then grab it with your hands, while your hand just beside your legs.

Make the perfect posture and pull the bar upward and until you fully get up.

Now get back to the initial position while hips pinched.

lower body exercise

7. Swiss Ball Leg Curl

Place your toes on the Swiss ball while lying on the floor.

Elevate your hips to create tension in your hamstrings and abs.

This workout is great to make the sure core and leg stronger. 

8. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

Grab a dumbbell in your hand while standing the opposite leg.

Now bend your hips and get your body lower.

Get down until you feel that your posture will be disturbed.

Make sure to squeeze your glutes while performing this workout.

9. Leg Press

Sit comfortably on the machine with your feet well place with knees.

Now remove the safeties and bend yours knows until it comes 90 degrees to the floor then push it back to the original position.

Try to perform this workout on low weight initially and get better with time because loading packs of weight may cause you an injury.

10. Bodyweight Calf Raise

It is an easy workout for beginners to get used to their body way.

Stand firmly while having a bit of support from the in front.

Now escalate yourself until you are on the balls of your toe then get back to the initial position to give the rest to the stretched calves.

11. Walking Lunge

Hold the dumbbell in both hands. Move forward with one and other leaning parallels to the floor, don’t let the knee touch floor.

Now stand step forward to perform the same act with the other leg.

12. Pause Squat

Set the bar at the rack and then comfortably grasp it and step beneath it.

Stand squeeze the shoulder blades and get the bar a few steps backward.

Stand as wide as your shoulder is placed and then pinch the toes a bit outwards.

Now bend your knees to lower your body without losing the arch.

Then hold the position for at least two seconds before getting back to the initial position.

13. Reverse Lunge

Stand with dumbbells in your both hand and took one leg backward.

Then lower your body until your front thigh becomes parallel to the floor.

Now keep your torso upright and leap forward then do the same thing for the other leg as well.

14. Dumbbell Squat

Hold the dumbbells in both of your hands like a clip.

Stand firmly with shoulder parallel to your knees and toes slightly out.

Now get down until you feel to lose your arch and back to the actual position.

15. Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing is a great workout for both legs and heart as it increases our respiratory abilities and boosts our stamina.

To perform this workout, stand while leg wide apart from the body and then hold the kettlebell with both of your hands.

Try to flatten your back and hips a bit out.

Now swing the weight between your legs and extend your hips while exhaling.

Try to make much momentum so that the weight can reach up to the height of your shoulder.


16. Jump Squat

Stand in a simple squat position and then lower down your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor.

Now jump as high as you can but try to land softly upon your knees to reduce the chances of injury.

17. Jumping Calf Raise

While performing a jumping calf raise try to jump with the help of your calf and using the feet balls.

Try to land a bit softly so that your jumping voice may disturb others.

18. Single-Leg Glute Bridge

Lie on the voice while looking up and escalate your buttocks.

Tighten-up your abs so the posture may remain perfect.

Raise one leg until it reaches parallel to the floor and take it down and do the same workout for the other leg.

19. Overhead Lunge

Grab the bar and take it above head while hands fully stretched.

Take a step forward and go down until your knee touches a bit of the floor.

Now take the next step forward and do the same for the other leg.

overhead lunge

20. Seated Calf Raise

Use the machine to perform this workout, or have seat while resting your feet balls at step.

Now perform the calf raise while knees at 90 degrees.

Lower Body Workouts Reps

Reps always depend on your fitness level. Recommendation of reps are given below

FIRSTLY: 30-second workout – 30 seconds rest

SECONDLY: 45 seconds workout – 20 seconds rest

THIRDLY: 1-minute workout – 10 seconds rest

  • First is for beginners
  • Second is for amateurs
  • The third is for professionals

Does Lower Body Exercises Help In Fat Burn?

The simplest form of answer that can be given is YES.

You should always note that your heart rate is related to fat burning. You will be burning fat until your heart rate is normal. Doing a workout, you should make sure that your heart rate is at the right level.

While you increase your workout your fitness level increases. It’s never like this that you eat a low amount of food or weight loss drinks to reduce your weight. You should always take good quality and a healthy appetite.

In lower body workouts, many people never know that there is a lot of difference between burning calories and burning fats. You should know the difference between both.

A small amount of sugar and carbohydrates are burned in calories burning. Whereas energy is burned when you are burning fat. Both are different from each other.

Maximum Heart Rate: 220 – your age

High heart rate: (80-90% of your max heart rate) = calorie-burning zone

Mid heart rate: (60-70% of your max heart rate) = fat burning zone

When working out for leg you always firstly do these workouts deadlifts, squats, and other most done leg workouts.

But when you are working out for lower body it helps more than legs it helps in strengthening your hamstrings and quads.

You are not always hitting your major muscles by this workout but you are also improving your balance. It always helps you in balancing and improving your core. It helps you in the long run of your life. 

A strengthened and strong lower body is very important for your running performance. It helps you in improving your gym strength, your performance in sport, or your daily running routine. A strong lower body is very important for you.

Here is the running plan for beginners!!

Choose a great routine for your lower body. Make sure to add some weight of you are looking to gain muscles and do reps as low as 8 to 10. If you are looking for cutting then it is recommended to perform high rep sets which may compensate between 13 to 15 reps per set.

Below mentioned are some best lower body workout that you may perform to get the best lower body physique:

What Are the Benefits of Lower Body Exercises?

Lower body exercises are always effective compared to others. They increase your fitness and build your muscles.

Improve Speed and Power

Lower body workouts always help you in increasing your speed and power. You can always improve your explosivity by strengthening your glutes and hamstrings.

Injury Prevention

Weak hamstrings and glutes are a normal problem for peoples nowadays. Lower body workouts help you in strengthening your glutes and hamstrings. By strengthening your lower body chance of injuries get low.


When you have not equipment for training your train where ever you want. You have full freedom for where you want to work out. When you are busy all day and barely get some free time so these are perfect for you.

Great Cardio

These lower body exercises can be the most challenging. Workouts that can increase your cardio are given above: Jumping squats, Jumping Lunges, and Lateral step up’s.

Lower Body Workouts Targeted Areas

Your legs and glutes are targeted by your lower body workouts:

  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Calves

The lower body is best for the workout they just not strengthen your lower body but reduces the risk of injuries.

Weak glutes and hamstrings can cause a lot of injuries. People with low strength in the lower body get injured more quickly because their glutes and hamstrings are weak. When you workout more on these areas, chances of injuries reduce.

Interested in building upper body strength? Here are the 5 best upper body workouts.

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