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We are accepting articles for our website now. If you have any training in fitness and health or you have any experience in writing on these topics you can contact us and submit your articles to our website as we can hire you to work for us.

Our website has introduced a new attribute called No-Follow attribute to the author’s website links. Using this method can eliminate the submission of spam articles. This way we will only be hiring professionals who take their job seriously and are ready to work properly and give the best results. If you love writing and you are a good writer who can present an article up to the expectations then you will be promoted with or without the No-Follow links. All sorts of good articles are supported on our websites as long as they are relevant. An informative article that is not related to our website will not be supported.

Guidelines for Article Submission:

Keep these points mentioned below in your mind before submitting your article(s); these points are necessary and crucial.

  1. Fresh and original article(s) are supported and approved. Your article should pass the Copyscape Premium test. Make sure that the article is informative and not promoting any business or administration.
  2. The title of the article should not be of more than 70 characters. (Special characters and spacing included)
  3. The article should be at least 1500 words. Provide at least 700 words to support your infographics if you are including any.
  4. The content in the article should be related to our website. Unrelated content will be rejected.
  5. Your articles are allowed to have more than one relevant extra links. But before publishing our moderators will review those links and have the complete right to delete any extra link from the article if they are irrelevant.
  6. You can add up to 5 keywords in a single article.
  7. The articles should be in “*.DOC“, “*.DOCX“, “*.TXT” or “*.RTF” format only.
  8. If your article is approved and published on our website then you cannot send the same article to be published on other websites. If we have rejected your article due to any reason, then you can go on sending the same article to any other website.
  9. An article takes around 15 days before it is reviewed and published, so you have to wait.
  10.  If any of the guidelines mentioned above are not in accordance with your criteria and you do not plan on fulfilling these or following these guidelines then do not submit your article.

Submit Your Article:

If you plan on sending an article to our website for publication then send your inquiries to support@fitnessonlinetalk.com to have a publication slot booked in our queue. Once we allocate you a slot then you can send your article including the following:

  • Title
  • Body
  • Images
  • Tags or Keywords

In case you require any sort of information or have any queries then contact us at info@fitnessonlinetalk.com.